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Doctor, Doctor

1st Grade lesson about book care

Stefany Guido

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Doctor, Doctor

We are here to catch a Library CRIMINAL.

This person has been seen around the library comitting awful library crimes.

Can you think of something that would be a crime to a librarian? (Hint: PROTECT THE BOOKS!) (Turn and talk)

are some of the rules of the library?
(turn and talk)

do we have these rules?

Library Patrol: Book Care
Library Patrol
What are their Crimes?
Happy? or Sad?
OH NO! The evil library criminal is here! Baroness von Bookshredz

They are going to try and convince you that their actions are good, but you know better.

After every action you need to hold up your sign stating that the action is either good or bad.

Let's practice.
Baroness von Bookshredz
Ms. Guido
Stop that criminal.

This person has taken books off the shelves and NOT PUT THEM BACK!

They shove books anywhere and they stack books in the shelves.

Worst of all....they DESTROY BOOKS!
They RIP the pages
They WRITE in the books

What happens to destroyed books? (Turn and Talk)
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