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Badger State

No description

M2K Kids

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Badger State

Wisconsin History
In Wisconsin there were a lot of indian tribes, such as the Blackhawk Tribe. The first tribe in wisconsin was the Paleo indians which arrived in 10,000 BC. The first person to find Wisconsin was Jean Nicolet, who was French. The first country to own Wisconsin was France. After France, Britain owned Wisconsin. That was a little bit about Wisconsin.
Wisconsin Location & Geography
Major Cities

Major cities:Green Bay, Milwaukee, Appleton, and Oshkosh
Bodies of Water
Bodies of Water:Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and the Mississippi River
Badger State by Nick Varga
The bordering states of Wisconsin are Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, and Iowa.

Geography:desert, hilly, and bodies of water
Natural Resources
Natural Resources:road salt, mettalic, non-mettalic, live stock, and agriculture.
Agricultural Products
Agricultural products:apples, potatoes, corn, strawberries, and hay.
Manufacturing Products
Manufacturing products: ac & heating, engines, turbines, cheese, and power cranes.
spring:51 degrees F
summer:73 degrees F
winter:21 degrees F
Fall:60 degrees F
Places of Interest
Some places of interest are Noah's Ark Water Park, Kalahari, Lambeau field, Millers Park, and Camp Randall Field.
The population for Wisconsin in 2012 was 5.726 milliion.
Impotant People
Some important People that were born in Wisconsin are Oscar Mayer, Fredrick Miller, and Marissa Mayer.
State Symbols
American Robin
Acer Saccharum
Viola Sororia
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