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All about ME!

No description

Bridget Mardusha

on 29 September 2015

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Transcript of All about ME!

Personal favorites
Big Poem
Coat of arms
All about ME!
My Acrostic Poem
1)Bringing a smile to people's face

2)Reads a lot of books
3) Intelligent girl
5)Giving and caring to people in need
6) Enjoying every little thing of life
7) To play sports is my favorite
Important people in my life
Sister of Colin and Ingrid
Lover of playing, drawing and dogs
Who feels strongly about music , family and fashion
Where i see myself in 10 years from now
Musicals groups: 1D AND 5H
Show: I don't have any favorite show but I usually watch Girl meets World

Favorite singers: Austin Mahone
Becky G
Favorite music:

Who gives advice,laughter and help
Who would like to see everything in the world.
A resident of Rochester, MI

I like playing voleyball and soccer.. I also like singing
Ten years from now I can see myself being very different from the way I am now..By different I mean having a job that I like as a lawyer..
important people in my life is MY FAMILY.. They were always there for me and I'll be there for them too..FAMILY is one of the sweetest words anyone can say because is a group of people who will love and support you through the good times and bad times.
4) Dreamer of a better world
One thing that I love doing is drawing. This is one of them
2) I always try me best to learn new things ..

My birthday ---- december 9th,
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