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Burning Up

a book report for english II

katlyn masters

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Burning Up

By: Caroline B. Cooney
Burning Up
Third Person
Main Characters
The setting is in a small town in Connecticut on Shell Road where both Macey and Austin's grandparents live. The time was toward the end of the school year and the beginning of summer weather. The year was 1997 but there are flashbacks to 1959.
Austin Fent is a fifteen year old who has a crush on Macey. He has moved in with is grandparents because his parents fight to much. His and Macey's relationship improved as they began learning more and more about their grandparents as he helps Macey on her history project of the barn fire.
Even the ones you are closest to keep deep dark secrets . "Who would suspect, with such beauty and courtesy, that we are the kind of people who will take any measure to keep our town white?"(Cooney 209).
"It's a sad story, Austin and one we would all prefer not to have dredged up. I think you could help her find another outlet for her energy"(Cooney 128).
Falling Action- Macey showed her Grandparents a picture taken at the fire and asks who everyone was. Macey's grandparents pointed out a young girl and said she was the young Yinson girl. Macey began thinking about her phone call to Ms. Yinson and how her first husband had killed himself. They came to the conclusion that he did this because he was the one that set the fire and he couldn't live with himself for doing it.
Burning Up
Caroline B. Burning Up. New York: Laurel-Leaf Book, 1999.
Caroline B. Cooney
The speaker could only read the minds of Macey Clare and Austin Flent .
Macey Clare is a fifteen year old teenager who has always loved her quiet town in Connecticut. She is anxious for summer and ready to spend time with Austin. She is always helping out her grandparents and anyone in need. Macey soon learns what her hometown has done to the first black person who moved to Shell Road. Macey goes through events of racism and defines a new meaning to her hometown that she once loved and thought the world of.
Venita Loomis a young girl who lived in the New Haven and volunteered at Good Shepard church. Venita and Macey were friends right away. Venita could quote Shakespeare word for word. She lived in a rough neighborhood and Macey and Venita met when Macey was doing volunteer work at Good Shepard. Venita was killed when she tried separating a gang fight by the church. Venita was shot and left on the sidewalk.
Just because no one else is willing to make the first step to change society for better doesn't mean you can't make that step. "You're going to be the first in line, and I know it's a scary position, but you can hold it down"(Cooney 219).
Exposition- The school day is over and Macey has walked to her grandparents' house to get ready for the first beach bonfire of the summer. As she is getting ready she begins asking about the barn fire of 1959 for her history project, but her grandparents immediately blow the questions off.
Rising Action- Macey and her friends were at New Haven for Saturday Group. They are helping paint class rooms at Good Shepard Church. While the kids are there someone sets the church on fire with the kids inside. A couple of days later Macey was reading a book about racism and she began asking herself questions about the fire. A week later Venita a young girl that was from the church that had held them paint got shot and killed in a gang fight outside the church. This is when Macey really knew racism was still in her beloved town.
Climax- Macey and Austin began researching the barn fire more and more because they knew there was something their grandparents were hiding. The more research they did the more information turned up. The found out the barn belonged to Wade Shibley the first black teacher in town. The fire had been set by someone but was never investigated both Macey's and Austin's grandparents did nothing to help Wade instead they roasted marshmallows on his burning house then went back inside.
"Those people on Shell Road. With all their money and their fine cars and their trips to Europe and their private beaches - think they wanted a negro living next door?"(Cooney 128).
"Yes. My whole family has let me down. My whole town. My state"(Cooney 210).
how heartless people can be
the secrets that people keep
how long racism has occurred
Personal review
I would recommend this book
it relates to real life
examples of everyday situations
valuable lessons

Katlyn Masters
Resolution- Macey decided she was going to give a speech about racism and inform her former students about what events are happening because of it. Macey's friends decide that they will stand behind her a 100% and help her with anything if she needs it.
I give this a five out of five light bulb rating because it is a great book and actually gives examples of events that occur
I used matches as a rating system because the book was mainly about a barn fire.
This book gets a 5/5 matches because it was descriptive and gives examples of real life events so the reader can relate to what is going on.
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