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Coral Divers

No description

Esther Aregay

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Coral Divers

Coral Divers
·Sales / Marketing
·Management and Organization
Tangible Assets
• Property land and its location
-Safety and knowledge
Resources Analysis
Intangible assets

-Comprehension of familiar behaviour
• Accommodation
• Motel-type structure
• Space and facilities for a restaurant
• Office building
• Three boats and a van
• Other facilities
• 2 boat captains
• 2 mates
• 1 housekeeper
• 1 groundskeeper
• 1 person for office & store
• 3 scuba diving instructors
(not including Greywell).
Greywell, the resort's owner.
Margaret, the owner's wife.

External factors
-Threats &
Shark diving protests.
Capital position
Import and export taxes
Lose of potential profitable clients
Lack of viral communication
Required investment
Environmental changes
Affiliation and/or consultancy with Rascals
Consumption patterns
Increases in unemployment
Familiary oriented inhabitants
Big offer of babysitters
Easy to find specialized staff
Positive environmental profiles
Existence of play zones
60% of the divers travelled domestically and frequently
Existence of internet
Terrain availability
Activity differentiation
Popularity of scuba diving
Decrease in the age of certification
Increase in active divers.
Proximity to Shark Wall and Shark Buoy

A) Rascals in Paradise
Potential Benefits
Potential Costs
Potential Benefits
Potential Costs
Option 2: Adventure diving
Shark's premium $50
Attract a variety of customers
Food to feed the sharks
Special swimsuit $ 15000/u
More expert divers
Financial situation
Loss of liquidity
High level of debt
- Higher booking capacity
- Support from the locals
- Young children would bring extra benefits at no cost.
- Opening the dining room would be costly
- A play area should be built
- Remodeling costs: $15,000 - $25,000
* Compared to the Standard Coral Divers package which includes accommodation, scuba diving and breakfast.
Cost Computations
Babysitter cost:

$7.5/hour • 6 hours/day • 5 days/week =

Meal cost:

$5/meal • 2 meals/day • 7 days/week • 3 people =

Airport transfer cost:

(with assumptions)
$1,050 = $1600 x 0.8 - $230
$2,381 = $3,545 x 0.8 - $455
$570 = $1600 x 0.5 - $230
$1,317.5 = $3,545 x 0.5 - $455

Day to day operations
Bad position
Cost efficiency
Strict policies and attentiveness
1) Rascals in Paradise
2) Adventure oriented strategy
Financial stability
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