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Bristol Eastern High School

No description

Carly Fortin

on 15 January 2019

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Transcript of Bristol Eastern High School

Welcome to Bristol Eastern
Bristol Eastern High School welcomes incoming freshmen students and their families

1175 students enrolled
Ten departments
Over forty clubs
At least 3 sports per season
Who are we?

Bristol Eastern High School Courses
AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a national program designed to provide students who are first in their family to attend college or who are from a population that is typically underrepresented at colleges the writing, reading, inquiry, organizational and collaboration skills necessary to be successful as a future college student.
93 teachers
Average years of experience: 11 years
85% of teachers have Master's degrees or higher
7 school counselors
1 library media specialist
1.5 school psychologists
1 School Resource officer
4 building aides
7 secretaries
Who are we?
19 Advanced Placement courses including new courses like Capstone, Spanish, Human Geography, Microeconomics, Environmental Science, Language and Composition, Literature , Psychology, Chemistry, Calculus, Physics and more
Through Project Lead the Way, students participate in a national engineering curriculum. Students who meet the course requirements in Engineering receive college credit from the University of New Haven or Rochester Institute of Technology.
College Career Pathways
An established partnership with Tunxis Community College through which juniors and seniors can earn college credit for completing coursework at Bristol Eastern in designated college career pathways, such as Accounting and Early Childhood Education.
Challenge students to think and act to solve problems within and across disciplines
Students are partners in their learning progression
Students develop a passion for knowledge
Safe and nurturing environment
Bristol Eastern supports, challenges, and empowers students
Bristol Eastern
Students and families will be able to articulate the four "R's" of scheduling
How can I plan my schedule to help me meet my own college and career goals?
4. Review
Varied opportunities to work independently and collectively in and outside of the classroom
Who are you?
How not to get lost as a freshman
1. Read
2. Research
3. Request
Read the Program of Studies, Scheduling information handout, course selection worksheet. Read your freshmen year requirements.
Conduct some research: think about your future career plans and areas of interest, think about what you'd like to take as a senior, talk with older siblings or relatives about courses they've taken
Enter your requests for electives on-line using the Student Portal. Visit our webpage for more information.
Review the courses you selected with your family. Talk about the choices you made and why you made them. Talk about your four year plan.
Speak up for yourself. Start to build self-advocacy skills.
Monitor your own progress.
Know your strengths.
Work on homework.
Practice time management.
Make positive connections.
Know your distractions.
Realize that to be smart, one has to
work hard.
EVERY student is required to take:
English I
World History
Physical Science
Physical Education

MOST students will take:
2 Additional Elective Credits=
2 full year courses
1 full year and 2 semester courses
4 semester (half-year) courses

MANY students will take:
World Language (French, Italian, Latin, Spanish) as a full year elective credit
Supports available for students:
Grade 9 Guidance Seminar
Foundations of Algebra
Modified Scheduling Option
Counselor Watch
Quiet Study
Next Steps
: Course selection materials and information distributed to middle schools
: Freshmen counselors visit middle schools to assist grade 8 students with entering electronic elective requests
: Freshmen counselors and high school students will visit the middle schools to prepare schedules. Question and Answer session will be held with high school students.
: Possible parent question and answer sessions
: Grade 8 orientation when students receive schedules, tour the building, meet their team of teachers and fellow students
What matters to us
Our Community
Each Other
Higher Education
Knowing our students as individuals
It should be called
Open "Home" not Open House
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