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KeepER 'N ME

No description

Kendal Rink

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of KeepER 'N ME

Plot Summary
Main Characters
Garnet Raven: Main Character, Ojibway
Keeper: Garnet's teacher, Ojibway
Lonnie: Garnet's Best Friend,
Ma: Garnet's Mother, Ojibway
Supporting Characters
Wally: Garnet's Friend, Ojibway
Jackie: Garnet's Oldest brother, Ojibway
Jane; Garnet's Sister
Chief Isaac: Chief of White Dog
Stanley: Garnet's brother
Uncle Archie: Garnet's Uncle

- Book drags on in places,
- Keeper talking hard to read
- Some parts come out of no where
- Very dry and not recommeded to those who can't just sit and read
- Not recomended to those who don't
like long books
Key Vocabulary
- Lookin' Jake: Cool, Nice
- Bih'Kee'-Yan: Come Home
- Beedahbun: First Light
- Soo-Wanee-Quay: Power of Woman
- Midewewin: Medican Man
Author Background
Richard Wagamese resides outside of Kamloops, British Columbia. Richard is an award winning author, he has also worked in both Television, and news documentaries,and also has a professional lecturing background. Richard says that Garnet Raven's life is slightly based of his own.
KeepER 'N ME
Key THemes
Book Review
Change Title
Fun Facts!
-You learn lots of interesting things about the Ojibway
beliefs, culture, and history.
-Some of the stories are funny.
-It has a good story line.

Keeper' N Me had good points, and boring ones. We would recommend this book to someone who likes books about culture, and finding yourself.
Teaching Me
~ Over coming your past, and remaking your self into a better, whole, person.
~ Growth & Repair
~ Finding Yourself
~ Relationship to Nature
~ Finding a sense of Belonging
~ Respect and Self Respect
~ Community
~ Inter-generational Relationships
~ Healing
~ The Importance of Culture

Keeper' N Me book

The End
Book 1 : Garnet Raven is Ojibway and is taken by child services at the age of two, separated from his family he's gone from foster home to foster home. At the age of Sixteen Garnet runs away, hitchhiking and being anything but Ojibway. Finally settling down in Toronto Garnet meets Lonnie Flowers and his family. They introduce Garnet to blues music and the way of family and fitting in. After a while Garnet starts dealing drugs and gets busted and gets five years in jail. His long lost brother rights Garnet a letter while he is in jail saying that everyone misses him an they want him to come home. When Garnet gets out of jail he goes to White Dog and lives with his Ma looking like a fish outta water
Book 2
After Living in White Dog for sometime Keeper invites Garnet over to his cabin and tells him stories of his history and his Great Grandfather. Garnet learns that his Grandfather was one of the last Traditional people, Explaining to him what that means Keeper shows and plays the drum with Garnet. Jackie won't talk to Garnet so Stanley tells Garnet want happened with the Social Workers and ho Jackie blames himself for the seperation. Jackie and Garnet play hockey together and Jackie expresses how much he missed Garnet and how happy he is to have him back. Keeper tells Garnet about Beedahbun, how it is first light and ho it connects to your life.
Book 3
Wilbert Fish smashes Bert Otter's Shortwave Radio against the wall. This causes Garnet to convince Wally Red Sky to bring a new Radio to White Dog. Everyone was cranky without the radio, which motavated people to support Wally. A few days later the Red Sky Radio was introduced. Keeper is sceptical about the new radio saying "people are gonna bump up the outside world." Then a Pow wow was held at White Dog
Book 4!
Garnet decides to go into the forest on his own for a few days to live off the land and experiance the silence of the universe. Keeper helps Garnet get ready for h four day journey and tells him to pray for all he is thankful for while smugging tabacco. While on his journey Garnet was canoeing and daydreaming, when he saw two eagles watching him and moving in mysterious ways. That night he had a dream of a man and a woman dancing realizing the symbol of the eagles. Garnet returns home telling Keeper of the two eagles. Keeper answers by giving him two eagle feathers to signify his prided honor in Garnet. Everyone starts calling Garnet "Jake" an honorable term meaning cool. Ma decides to through Garnet a party celebrating all the thing he has achieved while staying in White Dog. Everyone is proud of him and Garnet finally felt as though he truly belongs.
Richard Wagamese
-The author of the book has been a professional writer since 1979.
-Keeper 'N Me was published in 1994.
-Richard Wagamese has six published novels.
-Richard used to be a teacher.
-In 1991, he became the first Native Canadian to win a National Newspaper Award for column writing.

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