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Gurtegh Dhaliwal

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Saola


How Many are Left and How Can we Stop or Slow Down The Decline of this Species
There are barely any Saola left in fact there are less then 750 left in the world. We can stop this decline of species if we can give them a safer place to live and stop poachers from killing them for there horns. People also set traps to catch them.
If They go Extinct What Will Happen and Why is it Endangered.
If the Saola go extinct the plants they eat will overgrow and the species that eats them such as Tigers and Crocodile's will suffer because they are gone.
* Wikipedia
* National Geographic
* Live Science
* Google Images
* Youtube
Where do They Live and What do They Eat
The Saola live in Annamite Range, moist forests, steep river valley's, and where there is a good source of water. During wet seasons they live in mountain forests in Eastern Indochina. They go to lowlands during winter. They eat leafy plants such as fig leaves and stems along rivers.
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