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Macro Photography and Insects

A presentation on macro photography, especially focusing on small living things.

Krzysztof Cyga

on 5 March 2012

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Transcript of Macro Photography and Insects

Photography Thank you for your attention! Macro Lens Lens Lighting and insects Close-up Lens Lens Reversal Extension Tubes Bellows Support Alexander Wild Post-Processing - focus stacking - cropping Frank Phillips - on camera with reversal ring - on lens with coupling ring - ring flash - flash brackets - constant studio lighting - focusing rails - tripod + + TIPS - best times to photograph: - early morning - late afternoon - slowly approach your subjects, be patient - "calm" or "chill" your subjects - good to have an insect field guide - use a self-timer, or cable release - use mirror lock-up, if available - have good timing, anticipate Chrysina lecontei - Leconte's Scarab. Huachuca Mountains, Arizona, USA. Male (right) and female ox beetles (Strategus sp.), showing the strong dimorphism between the sexes. Males use their impressive horns to fight each other over access to females. Arizona, USA. An Eciton hamatum army ant soldier takes a bite of the offending photographer. Jatun Sacha reserve, Napo, Ecuador. Cicindela sexguttata - six spotted tiger beetle. Urbana, Illinois, USA. Loboscelidia is an unusual tropical cuckoo wasp (Chrysididae: Loboscelidiinae). This photograph may be the only one ever taken of a living example. Cape Tribulation, Queensland, Australia. Atta texana, the Texas Leafcutter Ant. Austin, Texas, USA.
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