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The System of Empire

No description

Aileen Peralta

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of The System of Empire

Columbus Men
The motive is gold because they used to cut off the Taino's hands when they didn't deliver enough gold.

This picture represents Columbus Men cutting the hands off of the Tainos.
King Ferdinand and
Queen Isabella
The System of Empire
Motives; God & Glory
Motives; Gold & Glory
We think the Tainos have the least guilt of a 5% because they didn't do anything. They were killed by Columbus' men and they were treated very poorly. (AP)
We think the King and Queen have 25% guilt because they are the ones who gave Columbus the money to ship off, but they could of just told them to look for salt not for other continents. (RF)
We think that Columbus has 25% of the guilt because he forced his men to do things that they didn't really want to do. (AP)
We think that Columbus' men have 35% of the guilt because they followed all of Columbus' orders knowing that they weren't right. (AP)
We think the System of Empire has 10% of the guilt because they wanted property. (AP)

Who's Guilty?
Aileen, Keanny, Ronald & Carlos
Only white people were considered Christians, they wanted property.

Why guilty?
Europeans valued property rather than people.
Any European conqueror would have done the same.

They were motivated by gold because they didn't do nothing about it, they let Columbus make Tainos slaves for more money.

Two Reasons why this group is Guilty:
1.They are Guilty because they let slaves work for money without doing nothing when they were taking over Spain.
2.They told Columbus to "Discover" new land but instead of discovering they stole land and harmed them.

In Columbus' first act he was to take possession of another people’s territory. His journal shows that the only wish in the Indies that he had was to find gold.

Why guilty?
Columbus ordered men to spread “terror” among the Tainos when there was rumor of resistance.
He started the policy of forcing Tainos, age 14 and older, to collect gold for him.

Why Guilty?
1.This group is guilty because they had a choice on whether to proceed with the orders and they did.
2.Another reason this group is guilty, is because they could have joined they're side but they turned it down to kill them.

: They didnt have a motive
This picture shows columbus telling the tainos that hes leaving.
The tainos are guilty because they stooped fighting.
If they wouldn't have stop fighting things would of end different.
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