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Music in the Victorian Era

No description

Alexondra Gotcher

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Music in the Victorian Era

Music in the Victorian Era
Music in the Victorian Era (1837-1901) was highly important. The popular forms of music were Operas, Oratorios, and Concerts.
All classes valued music, though hearing live music was a rare commodity for lower classes.
After 1850 composers increasingly depend on bourgeoisie and perform, teach, write, and publish as well compose.
Many composers classified as "Romantic" (1815-1910) were also considered Victorian composers as well.
Richard Strauss
Richard Strauss was a German romantic composer during the time of the Victorian Era. He is known for his operas, ranging from

Spach Zarathustra
to Greek themed operas such as

Women Composers in the Victorian Era
Famous Composers during the Victorian Era
Richard Strauss
Scott Joplin
Alice Mary Smith
Pre-Victorian Composers
Two composers who had a heavy influence on the Victorian music style were Ludwig van Beethoven and George Frederic Handel.
The religiosity of Handel and his
carried over into Victorian popular performance music.

Victorians And music
For the most part, women wrote and performed light piano pieces typically for the enjoyment of friends and family.
Alice Mary Smith was a woman composer that wrote cantanas and symphonies performed in music halls. Her importance as a Victorian woman composer taken seriously in the Victorian Era is something she shared alone.
Music in the Home
In a middle class Victorian home, it was common to either have a piano or music box.
Music boxes were the only portable way of listening to music during the majority of the Victorian Era.
Thomas Edison introduced the phonograph in 1877, during the later part of the Victorian Era.
We see pianos as something of the norm in
Jane Eyre


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