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The Jade Peony

No description

Kaitlyn Carter

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of The Jade Peony

5 Words:
1. Diminutive: extremely or unusually small

Quote: "Her brow grew wet with fever, and her small body seemed even more diminutive"- Sek-Lung (narration)

5 Literary Devices
1. An allusion: is a reference to a famous person or event in life or literature.
Example from the story: When Sek-Lung’s grandma says “My juggler he never came back to me from Honan… Perhaps the famine….”

3. Personification: is giving human attributes to things, ideas or animals.
Example from the story: When Sek-Lung narrates “The pendant seems to pulse as she turned it.
5. An alliteration: is when the same sound starts a series of words.
Example from the story: When Sek-Lung narrates “Liang frowned, dejected, and went back to her Chinese book, bending the covers back.
I disliked...
5. Fitfully: not regularly or continuously; intermittently

Quote from story: “I fell fitfully asleep by her side” –Sek Lung (narration)

Likes and Dislikes:
The Jade Peony
By Wayson Choy
Kaitlyn Carter, Zoie Fratarcangeli, Matt Gaber, Nicole Rogers
2. Exert: making a
physical or mental effort

Quote from story:
“Finally, by their cutting remarks,
the family did exert enough pressure so that Grandma and I no longer openly announced our expeditions.” -Sek-Lung (narration)

3. Embossed: carve. mould or stamp
a design on a surface so that it stands
out in relief

Quote from story: "Jangling pieces of a vase, cranberry glass fragments embossed with leaves, discarded glass beads from Woolworth necklaces… We would sneak them all home in brown rice sacks, folded into small parcels, and put them under her bed.” -Sek-Lung (narration)
4. Pantomime: express or represent
something by extravagant and exaggerated mime

Quote from story: "'It will sing and dance
and glitter,' her long fingers stretched
into the air, pantomiming the waving
motion of her ghost chimes; my spirit
will hear its sounds and see its light
return to this house and say good-bye
to you.'”

2. A simile: is when you say one thing is like another by comparing them.
Example from the story: When Sek-Lung narrates” Her hand began to tremble, the tips of her fingers to shiver, like rippling water.”
4. A hyperbole: is an exaggerated statement or claim not meant to be taken literally.
Example from the story: When Sek-Lung narrates “Finally, after discarding hundreds, she told me she had the necessary thirty pieces.”
how the grandma continued to practice her traditions even after they moved
The close relationship between Sek-Lung shared with his grandmother
The characters in the story especially Sek-Lung's sibling seemed very real
The grandmother's lover for her grandchildren
I liked...
The fact that you knew that the grandmother was going to die from the beginning of the story
The review/article I found on the Jade Peony talks about:
how the grandmother is kind, loving and laid back
Views the grandmother in a positive light
The grandmother is very accepting of her new home but she does not lose her traditions
There's hundreds...
Major Characters
Minor Characters
~Liang (sister)
~Kiam (brother)
~Jung (brother)
Slim Fingers
Nice Hands
Gray Brittle Hair
Gentile Eyes
Thin-Arched Eyebrows
Grandmama Dying

People laughing at Grandmama for going through the trash

Grandmama couldn't find a sign to know that it was her time to die

young eight year old boy
youngest of four
used to be sick

"I will always be
with you, Little Sek-Luth,
but in a different way... you'll see"
Accepts the fast she cant live forever
“I can’t last forever,” she declared, when she let me in on the secret of this one. “It will sing and dance and glitter,” her long fingers stretched into the air, pantomiming the waving motion of her ghost chimes; “My spirit will hear its sounds and see its light and return to this house and say goodbye to you.”
Needed a sign to know it was time for her to die
“The fog has confused you,” Stepmother said. “It was just a cat.” But Grandmama shook her head, for she knew it was a sign. “I will not live forever,” she said. “I am prepared.”
The truth was, I was sorry not to have started school the year before. In my innocence I had imagined going to school meant certain privileges worthy of all my brothers’ and sister’s complaints. The fact that my lung infection in my fifth and sixth years, mistakenly diagnosed as TB, earned me some reprieve, only made me long for school the more. Each member of the family took turns on Sunday, teaching me or annoying me.
“All our friends are laughing at us!” Older Brother Jung said at last to my father, when Grandmama was away having tea at Mrs. Lim’s. “We are not poor,” Oldest Brother Kiam declared, “yet she and Sek-Lung poke through those awful things as if -” he shoved me in frustration and I stumbled against my sister, “- they were beggars!”
“You see that, Little One?” She held her hand up. “That is my body fighting with Death. He is in this room now.” My eyes darted in panic, but Grandmama remained calm, undisturbed, and went on with her work.
doesnt believe shes sick
" For days she had resisted going into the hospital . . . a cold, just a cold . . . and instead gave constant instruction to my stepmother and sister on the boiling of ginseng roots mixed with bitter extract."
gray brittle hair
gentile eyes
thin-arched eyebrows
How The Conflicts Were Resolved
How The Conflicts Were Resolved
Grandmama dying;
Sek-Luth cries, but the finds the jade peony, and thought of his Grandmama.
People Laughing at Grandmama;
Sek-Luths dad yells at them to stop, because even though it might look like she's a beggar, this not because thats what they used to do back in China.
Couldn't Find a Sign
Grandmama found the sign she needed to find, so she knew it was her time to go. She saw the white cat with the pink eyes, that resembled the juggler.
Vancouver, B.C.
Setting defined: In this story, there is proof that it is set in Vancouver B.C., Sek-Lung says in the story: "What would all the white people in Vancouver think of us? We were canadians now, chinese-canadians, a hyphenated reality that my parents could never accept."
Sad: At the beginning of the story they explain to you that the grandmother had died, and it is also gloomy at the end of the story because they explain to you
the grandmother dies.
Calm/joyful: During the middle of the story, when Sek-Lung describe the relationship he has with his grandmama.
Point of view:
This story is in the first person, told by Sek-Lung.
Quote from story: "I brushed the few strands of grey, brittle hair from her face; she managed to smile at me."
Gloomy: It is gloomy because they don't really talk about happy things, for example they talk about a church burning down.
Sad: It is sad because at the beginning of the story they tell us that the grandmother dies at one point in the story.
In the beginning, we are introduced to the characters, the setting & the characters background (where they had come from(China))
Rising Action:
Grandmama is making a windchime; she's always been really good at it. We find out that she takes Sek-Lung with her when she goes looking for pieces to use to make a special wind chime. Grandmama talks about the man that she fell in love with, The Juggler, and how he promised he would come back to her no matter what.
Grandmama is cooking dinner when she sees a cat in the garbage and goes to chase it out, shouting curses at it. She wasn't wearing her thick sweater and the cold got to her.
Falling action:
Soon after, Grandmama realizes that the cat was her Juggler, and that it was her time to go. She was later put into the hospital to be treated.
Grandmama later dies of pneumonia; Sek-Lung is devastated when he finds out, and as he reaches into his pocket for a handkerchief, he finds that Grandmama had left her Jade Peony for him.
Extension: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
This movie relates to the most important themes because similar events happen in both the story and the movie such as both families moving away, the main character having a close relationship with only one person in the story, etc. Tragic events happen in both the story and the movie, which is how they relate to each other.
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