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Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

25 Sept 2015

Lisa Garibaldi

on 6 April 2017

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Transcript of Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
9 January 2017
Lecturer: Lisa Garibaldi, PhD
Email: lisa.garibaldi@email.ucr.edu
Office: Watkins 1304
Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 11-12 and by appointment
From the greek, anthropos

o Anthropology studies people and why they do what they do
o Non-judgmental, rather trying to understand
o Question common sense, challenge ideas about what is normal

What is Anthropology?
Section Participation 200
Inclass quizzes 50
Midterm 200
Final 300
Paper 1 100
Paper Part 2 150

Total: 1000

Course Outline
Section Participation:
Assignments, activities
and/or quizzes

Readings should be completed
your section
3 Feb 2017
Bring Scantron, pencil, pen

Test will be a combination of multiple choice, True/False, short answer, and essay questions.
Final Exam
24 March 2017
3-6 PM

Same protocols as midterm

Cumulative exam
Analyze a current event using anthropological concepts.

Instructions for paper will be posted on iLearn

Four Field Anthropology
Applied Anthropology
Medical Anthropology
What is Culture?
Dynamic/not static
Has history
Involves debate
Involves struggle for power
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