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Poly tile printing

No description

Margaret Osekre

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Poly tile printing

What is poly-tyle printing?
Poly is short for polystyrene and one of the main things you will need is polystyrene.It's a media of art that allows you to paint without painting
All you need to do is indent the polystyrene to get an amazing art Master-piece!
Step 2
Place the drawing on a polystyrene board and secure it with tape prick with a sharp pencil ,pen or pin or whatever works.Then,prick over the outline in the main areas.When you're done ,remove the tracing paper (don't worry if it is ripped or not) you will be left with the outline of your design on the polystyrene board.
Step 3
Get a paint tray,and paint roller to roll the ink out onto your polystyrene tile
to start the poly print.Once you have put some ink on your tile ,firmly press it with a dry roller on a different colour paper of your choice .
Step 4
Repeat step 3 this as many times as you want with different color paper and paint
By the time you finish,you will be left with a poly print
Step 1
Draw the idea of a your poly print on paper ,carefully drawing all the lines.After that smooth out the lines and make sure you can put your finger through.Once you are done,you are going to use your drawing
to indent.
How to make art using...
...poly-tile Printing
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