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7-Eleven the dream business!!!!

*create a business for economics.

Mirjeta Ferzulovski

on 19 October 2013

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Transcript of 7-Eleven the dream business!!!!

7-Eleven My Dream Business!
Some may ask why a 7-Eleven, in this presentation you will find out. Also, what it takes to have a 7-Eleven.
19 E. Berkshire Dr.,Crystal Lake,IL,60014
Employee Wages
an average employee wage would be around $12.00 an hour with 20 % benefits. More money per hour with more experience. Minimum wage would be about $7.85-8.10.
How much are you charging ?
slurpee(small): $1.19
Business Project!
Photos of my 7-Eleven and some supplies
Prices of Utilities
electricity: on average is $300-400
gas: on average is around $300
phone:on average is about $75
trash: on average is around $80
water: on average is $60
internet: on average about $20
*Utilities are paid monthly.
Location of my 7-Eleven:
coffee (small):$1.39
Fountain drink Gulp (small): $1.19
* most popular products
*I chose this location because it is on the corner of a four- way intersection. Since it's on the corner it gives me more business and easier access to customers.
*on 7-Eleven's anniversary I will give free slurpees to attract customers.
* Slogan: "Oh Thank Heaven!"
* I will create a customer appreciation card, you use when you purchase something ,and at a certain amount of purchases you get something free. You could also win something.
*I will choose my employees through interview
Ways I will pick my employees
*They will hired based on:
on job experience
special skills
Prices and photos of more supplies
* In my business, since I only have 5,000 dollars to start off with I need a loan.
Banking, Insurance, and Loans
* The location that I chose to have my business asking price is $1,695,000.
* Through the mortgage calculator I found my mortgage to be $9,489.87 a month.
* The property taxes on this business are $29,442.26
$ 19.74
* For insurance, I would get State farm insurance for a small business which includes protection and liability.
* 7-Eleven goes by the motto "the customer is always right."
* 7-Eleven not only brings convenience to the people but also, a happy experience.
*made it for mrs. naughton's class on october 10, 2012
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