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Different types of dog breeds and facts

Lexi Mason

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Dogs

There are many, many types of dogs. Some are... Labrador Retrievers, ...and Golden Retrievers. and small dogs like... Dashounds, Pomeranians, and lastly, pugs. Also big dogs such as... Dalmations, Great Danes, and Mastives No matter how big or small, ALL dogs love everyone the same. Dogs are also extermley loyal. Some dogs actually understand people in a way. My dad used to just look and not say anything for a signal for my dog to run, She would just look at him and bolt. And how can't you love them back!!! Some dogs are bred for certain things. Border collies are bred for herding, Huskys are bred for pulling sleds in the snow, and Redbone hounds are bred for hunting raccoons.
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