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Tri-State Tornado- Anthony

No description

Tyrone Zavoicekey

on 18 February 2011

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Transcript of Tri-State Tornado- Anthony

The Tri-State Tornado
Worst in the Country How serious it was. The formation myths safety Fujita scale F5
Incredible damage F4
Devastating damage F3
Severe damage F2
Considerable damage F1
Modrate damage F0
Light damage Tri- State Tornado Killed: 695 Injuries:2027 Time and date 1925 March 18 18 1:01 $16,500,000= total d a m a g e The heating of the ground warms the air and pushes it up. Then the humid air rises then cools causing a towering cloud. The conditions have to be just right. The conditions are you need warm, moist air,
dry air, and cold air coming in three different directions. This is called a dryline. A tornado forms in the thunderstorm updraft. Usually a strong tornado forms on the edge of an updraft. details 2 1 9 mile trail tornado went 60-73 mph 0.75 mile wide path Tornados never strike big cities? People think that big cities are very small places even though suburbs are part of big cities. Going under an overpass is safe? A man was getting interviewed on the highway. Then, a tornado was coming and he went under an overpass. Later, the tornado was coming and its direction got changed by a van in its way. Windows should be open before and during a tornado? Opening windows DOESN'T
equalize the air pressure so don't do it. Your just causing damaging winds to come into your house. Before the storm develop a plan for any place you are in

you should have frequent drills

know the county in which you live in and have a highway map near by for weather bulletins

listen to a T.V.and radio for information If the tornado approaches move to a pre-designated shelter

If no basement move to interior room or hallway on the lowest floor

stay away from windows

get out of automobiles

don't try to outrun a tornado

mobile homes offer little protection
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