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Does Texting Affect Your Grammar?

No description

Nathan Golden

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Does Texting Affect Your Grammar?

Affect Your

Grammar can ruin your essays that you do for homework. You can get done with 2 hours of texting and do an essay. You will probably write like: OMG like these wierd guys in redcoats r wierd!! they have wierd uniforms!! Do u guyz like them they r so weird!!!
When you text it makes you "faster". It also ruins your grammar. If you type words like ur, r, i, u it doesn't help!

Texting can also affect your concentration. You can spend 3 hours texting, and then on a test you can only thinking about texting and you fail it.
If you text all day you can have a short attention span. When you're supposed you're doing homework you might be texting. And doing a test you might be texting because you get addicted.
Texting can affect you when you write. It can affect you if you say LOL, TTYL, r, u, i, YOLO, 2, OMG etc. You should write the full word out to get a better grade!
I got an F on my test, and apparently YOLO isnt a word!! And i thought studying was supposed to help you I studied for 2 minutes and nothing happened!!

I got an A!! And I studied!
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