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The Gaming Control Device

No description

Jade Chlapowski

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of The Gaming Control Device

Atari's Logo
There were many indirect suggestions of
the gaming controller dating back to the
1700s; however, the first patent was
placed on it in 1969 by William Rusch.
Atari was the first to produce a gaming
control device; it was titled "The Paddle".
When was it invented? By who?
An example of the connection
The gaming controller was a
must-have when it came to playing
video games. It was necessary in
order to transport correct information
to the computer/console; allowing it
to make the appropriate changes to
the video game.
What needs did the controller address?
Example of a family using the controller
Video game controllers have a plethora of customers. This range extends from children to adults and everyone in between.
The controller expanded the video game industry and improved home entertainment for our generation. It is now used for everything from entertaining young children to enhancing family time. Studies have shown that although the controller has helped expand the video game industry, it has also had negative impacts such as increasing laziness.

Who Uses This Product? Global Impact on Society?
Newest Controller
There are many patents on the gaming controller; a few of the important ones are listed below:
US4552360 by Coleco Industries Inc. in 1985, for control of movement and rate of movement of a plurality of game objects
US5716274 by Sony Corporations in 1998, for Controller unit for electronic devices
US5984785 by Nintendo Co., Ltd. in 2000, for Operating device with analog joystick
US6280327 by Arista Interactive Llc. in 2001, for the wireless game control units
US7235012 by Brain Box Concepts Inc. in 2007, for Video game controller with side or quick look feature
Existing Patents...
The Gaming Control Device
Jade Chlapowski, Caden Paul, and Ariana Fenter
Period D

Atari Paddle
The gaming control device was originally a plastic wheel that rotated on a fixed arc that had 1+ fire buttons. The originals also had a cord used to plug into the gaming console.
Many of the first controllers were manufactured by having a potentiometer in the paddle which allowed it to change and measure the voltage output at varying angles of the wheel.
How and with what was it originally made?
What Improvements Have Been Made? Why?
Evolution of Game Controllers
The original design for a game controller has made big advancements that have been improved and enhanced user experience. Some of these changes were: D-pads, joysticks, action buttons, wireless controller, and motion sensing.
They were made to allow for a more "user friendly" and enjoyable way to play games
Wireless Gaming Controller
Some ideas are...
making the surface touch-screen for easier use
putting into effect more (if there are any pre-existing) voice controls
adding a built-in charging kit and,
making more controllers wireless for more efficient and better play
Any Ideas for Potential Changes to the Controller?
Timeline of the Gaming Controller









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