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The Dust Bowl

The 1930's

Kathleen Malone

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of The Dust Bowl

By Kathleen Malone The Dust Bowl The 1930's
Dust Bowl The Dust Bowl was horrible. A lot of people died from the dust storm, mainly to dust related deaths, such as dust pneumonia. Many were left homeless, and had to migrate to other places, just to get away from the dust bowl. They all stuck together, because that all had one thing in common, they were Christians. I am Audrey Burdette And I lived through the dust storm with my mom,dad, 2 brothers, and 2 sisters. we all joked, and blamed that the dust storm had come from Nebraska, but this was very serious. My brother Ned had come down with a Rheumatic fever that had damaged his heart, so we had to keep him out of the dust as much as possible. my mother had made an appointment with a doctor to come help him. The doctor used ultraviolet rays to help my brother.
Since my mother had made an appointment, my younger brother Don drove. They weren't gone long, when dad saw a black line on the horizon, and he knew a storm was coming. It was coming on us fast, we knew that the driver was responsible, for our family members, as the storm came over our house. After a few hours the storm cleared, and we saw headlights, they crept so slowly through the storm, trying to get back to the farmhouse. we helped my brother come back into the house. And that is my person and their story for the dust bowl Once we got my brother Ned into the house, we had moved his bed into the kitchen, we took him into the kitchen, and laid him on the bed, and got a lot of sheets, got them wet to make sure there wasn't any dust on them, and we put them all around the bed, so that way dust couldn't get to him. the next day was so clear, and you couldn't even tell that a storm had come by the other day, except for the barren fields, and fence posts buried in soil and dust. Sites The 2 sites that i used were:


2. http://www.dustbowltough.com/history.html
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