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Please prepare a 5 minute presentation about yourself and wh

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Andrew Burns

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of Please prepare a 5 minute presentation about yourself and wh

39 years old;
3 kids

Social Care 2000-2007
Social Work 2007-2015
Lecturing 2015
Fairness, particularly for people with disabilities.
Taking action, not expecting someone else to solve the problem.
Using my abilities, not letting them go to waste.
Important life lessons
I am persitant.
I am trying to be less driven by expectations and to be more lead by what is right for me.
I like to work for a cause e.g. social inclusion, rather than just for money.
1st degree in Molecular Biology in 1997
Pg Dip Social Work in 2007
Pg Cert MHOA in 2011
Why I applied
To fulfil my potential;
I enjoy teaching;
to do something I'm good at and
To contribute to a valuable field.
What I will bring
Broad knowledge and experience of the field;
A good ability to teach (and manage) a class;
Knowledge of teaching methods and experience of using them.
An enthusiasm for improvement
Example 1
I have worked in Social Care and Social Work for 15 years and have worked with a wide range of client groups' from children to older people. My knowledge is up to date and relevant.
Example 2
I lectured in this department recently. I met the many challenges involved in this role from public speaking, co-ordinating with the scheme of work, setting/designing and then marking a test, managing a class, dealing with disruptive students and many more.
Example 3
Some of the teaching methods I have used:
PowerPoint Presentation; quizes (both on paper and online); case studies; group work such as creating a poster and then presenting it and illustrative videos.

I consider myself thorough and 'hands-on'. I go round he class so that I know how each student is doing and give as close to 1-1 attention as possible. I feel a strong sense of responsibility for getting the class to meet the learning outcomes of the lecture.

I am prepared to 'go the extra mile', as are all staff I worked with, to ensure that students get a quality education.

I take care to meet the additional learning needs of any student and have supported a student to have their additional learning need formally recognised.
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