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Capitalizing Organizations and Other Subjects

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Katherine Agena

on 14 February 2017

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Transcript of Capitalizing Organizations and Other Subjects

Capitalizing Organizations and Other Subjects
By: Piper Box, Julie Lam, Alexis Pendergrast, Bailey Haupt
"Other Subjects"
Historical Events, Periods, and Documents
Try It Yourself!
1. bob forgot to take Out the trash.
2. On saturday, january 14 my little sister was born.
3. the Village market was very busy.
4. She wanted to go to the millersburg festival, but she couldn't.

What is Capitalization?

the action of writing or printing in capital letters or with an initial capital
Name Of Special Events And Awards
Ex.1: Newbery Medal
Ex.2: Millersburg Festival
Ex.3: Jazz Fest.
Months, days, Holidays
Ex.1:Friday, January 13
Ex.2: Valentines Day
Ex.3: Mardi Gras
Use Capitals For The Following:
Organizations, Institutions, Stores, And Companies

Ex.1: Jackson Square Garden
Ex.2: Madison Middle School
Ex.3: Village Market
1.Ex: War of the Rose
2.Ex: Mesozoic Era
3.Ex: Treaty of Ghent

(Try To Fix the Sentence)
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