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Copy of HMR Public Health Annual Report

Draft 1 for review

Ian Jackson

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of HMR Public Health Annual Report

Improving lifestyles, Rochdale Borough Public Health Annual Report 2012/13 Overcoming Most people know that smoking and too much alcohol is bad for their health. They know it’s healthier to exercise, eat a balanced diet and not put on too much weight. ambivalence Whatever. I’m fine as I am. " " fear It’s too big a step for me.
I’ll never do it. People will laugh. " " denial I’m not overweight and anyway,
I only smoke on a night out… " " skills Healthy cooking?
I can’t even boil an egg! " " motivation I can’t be bothered with it. Why should I?
Why should any of us…? " " social culture We blokes don’t talk about stuff like
health and wellbeing. We talk about the footie. " " competing priorities Lifestyles? I’ve got more important
things to think about at the moment. " " poor health I think it's too late for me
to make a difference now. " " lack of understanding But alcohol is GOOD for you
... isn't it? " " lack of confidence No way! Do you honestly think
I’d go to a gym looking like this? " " money We can’t afford healthy food. I have to buy things I know they’ll all eat. " " access to services Well, I didn’t realise you could get support from your pharmacist! " " attitude I’m sick of all this ‘nanny state’ stuff. " " time I don’t have time to do sport and stuff, I’m so busy with work and family. " " environments There’s nowhere safe for the kids to play round here. They’re better off inside. " " addiction I’ve tried to quit smoking twice before. " " peer pressure We all get bladdered on a Friday night. It’s just what we do! " " education Wellbeing? 5 Ways? What’s that all about then? " " work They only serve stuff like pie and chips in our canteen. " " lack of facilities There are no decent shops round here. Plenty of off licenses and takeaways though. " " GPs
Health Visitors
Children’s Centre staff
School Nurses
Youth Services
Every Contact Counts
Hospital Workforce etc. Contraceptive and & Sexual Health Services (CASH)
Genitourinary Medicine
Sexual Health Improvement
Crisis Team
Oral Health Promotion Team
Stop Smoking Services
Specialist Alcohol Worker
Exercise on Referral
Dietetic-led Weight Management Services
NHS Health Checks etc. Health Trainers
Health Chats
Health Connections Team
Community Champions
Five Ways to Wellbeing
Family and Friends
Convenience Stores
Healthy Cooking Sessions
Healthy Schools Programme
Healthy Work Places
Self Care
Patient Support Groups
Community Groups etc. COMMUNITY SPECIALIST UNIVERSAL Get Money Smart In 2013, the Department for Work and Pensions is introducing national changes to benefits. The changes, which will replace all benefits with one Universal Credit, are expected to have a major impact on local people in the borough. A campaign called Get Money Smart has been developed in partnership with stakeholders to raise awareness of the positive financial impact that can be achieved by making changes to lifestyles behaviours. To lessen the impact of the reforms on those groups that will be most affected, we want to focus on opportunities to save money through changes to lifestyles linked to smoking, drinking alcohol and purchasing ready made meals and takeaways. Health Chats If you are interested in becoming a Health Chatter or would just like to know more, please visit: For any further information please contact:
public.health@rochdale.gov.uk Lisa Lisa is 24 and lives in Rochdale with her 3 year old son. She is currently out of work and spends most of her time looking after her son. NOT THINKING CONSIDERING READY TO ACTION - MAKING STAYING Lisa enjoys her life, she has lots of friends and often spends time with them drinking wine and eating takeaways. Whilst attending a play session with her son at her local Sure Start centre, she chatted with one of the Parent Empowerment workers who asked if Lisa was interested in joining a new project called ‘Tackle the Takeaway’ delivered by the Health Connections Team. She explained to Lisa that the project was about encouraging healthier and cheaper eating at home. Lisa liked the sound of saving some money, she was always a bit strapped for cash, so decided to sign up and give it a go. After a few sessions, Lisa was amazed at how damaging her old lifestyle had been for both her and her son’s health! She had learnt how to cook healthier and cheaper foods from scratch and was enjoying cooking new things, such as lasagne, rather than eating takeaways. She’d also started to cut down the amount of extra salt she put on her food and was trying really hard to have her 5 a day. ABOUT CHANGE CHANGE ON TRACK CHANGE HAPPEN CHANGE Lisa really enjoyed being part of a new group. She made lots of new friends and realised that she felt much happier than she’d been before. She also has a bit more spare cash these days which means she can treat her son to a new toy every now and then. Now that she’s cracked the cooking, she feels it might be time to address her drinking habits but thinks that she might need some professional support to help her. NOT THINKING CONSIDERING READY TO ACTION - MAKING STAYING Idrees was identified by the BHF Cardiovascular Specialist Nurse during a search of a GP practice register. The nurse telephoned him and they arranged to meet up at the clinic. They discussed his weight and the effect this could have on his health, particularly with his history of heart disease. Idrees agreed that he needed to lose weight but felt that he would need some support. The nurse suggested a couple of options, including one to one support with a Health Trainer or joining a slimming club, such as Weight Watchers or Slimming World. Idrees decided that he would prefer one to one support so the nurse referred him to the Health Trainer service. By the end of the 12 week programme Idrees had lost 12kg. His wife had also lost weight by following his new diet and now she was thinking about starting swimming as well. He is keen to continue his weight loss and maintain a healthy lifestyle as he doesn’t want to have another heart attack in the future. ABOUT CHANGE CHANGE ON TRACK CHANGE HAPPEN CHANGE Idrees Idrees is 69, overweight and has a history of coronary artery disease. After a few weeks on the programme, Idrees was taking on board all the new information and advice that had been given to him and was making good progress. He had changed many aspects of his life, including increasing his daily intake of fruit and vegetables, eating more fish and cutting down on ‘fatty’ foods. He had also started swimming a few times a week. 24.3% ONLY of adults say they
eat 5 or more
portions of fruit and
vegetables per day Modelled estimate using Health Survey for England 2006-2008 LOCAL PEOPLE 26,842 were asked about their alcohol risk as part of the screening and brief intervention service at Rochdale Infirmary In 2011/12, NOT THINKING CONSIDERING READY TO ACTION - MAKING STAYING Aisha and her husband are going to try for a baby, so she has decided to give up smoking. It’s quite difficult though because her husband also smokes. At first she tried to give up on her own but found it much harder than she thought it would be. Aisha didn’t fancy going to a stop smoking session but heard about the Community Champions from a friend. She was interested in the one to one support they could provide so she decided to get in touch and see how they could help. The Champion she met was also a smoker so they decided that they would quit smoking together. The slip ups became less and less frequent. Before Aisha knew it she had managed to not smoke at all for five weeks. She felt that this way of thinking about where she’d succeeded rather than where she’d failed really helped her to keep it up. ABOUT CHANGE CHANGE ON TRACK CHANGE HAPPEN CHANGE Aisha Aisha is 32 and has smoked for 13 years. The Champion suggested taking small steps so rather than completely giving up they would try giving up for an hour at a time. Once they had managed this they were able to try for a day at a time followed by two days and so on. Aisha only smokes 10 cigarettes a day so isn’t really concerned that it’s doing her any harm. In fact she is much fitter and healthier than many of her non-smoking friends! FALLING BACK INTO OLD HABITS In a moment of weakness, Aisha had a cigarette. However, the Champion encouraged her to get back on track and take another small step to giving up as they had done before. As time went on they both had the occasional slip up but they did not see it as a failure. They just needed to try giving up in the same way that they had done before. She was confident that she’d be able to cope with any temptations so was happy to continue on her own without the Champion’s support. CONSIDERING CHANGE After learning about the Five Ways, Paul started to think about how he could manage his wellbeing through simple changes to his lifestyle. He decided he would focus on the ‘Keep Learning’ element. Addiction Dependency Solutions
Tel: 01706 860033 Email:rochdale@adsolutions.org.uk

Contraceptive and Sexual Health Services (CASH)
Tel: 01706 261957

Council for Voluntary Service Rochdale
Tel: 01706 631291 Email:info@cvsr.org.uk http://www.cvsr.org.uk/Public

Early Break (Drugs & Alcohol Service)
Tel:0161 723 3880 Email: info@earlybreak.co.uk

Feel good in Rochdale Borough http://www.doyoufeelgood.org

Five Ways to Wellbeing http://www.fivewaystowellbeing.co.uk

GUM - The Bridge Sexual Health Clinic
2nd Floor, Stonehill Block, Rochdale infirmary Tel: 1706 517686

Health Connections Team Tel: 01706 927083

Health Trainers
Tel: 0161 655 1739 http://www.penninecare.nhs.uk Useful numbers Healthy Weight Team Tel: 01706 901763

Link4Life Fitness Centres http://www.link4life.org
Heywood Sports Village: 01706 927202
Littleborough Sports Centre: 01706 756602
Middleton Arena: 01706 923175
Rochdale Leisure Centre: 01706 924200

Oral Health Promotion Team Tel: 0161 655 1456

Public Health Team - Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council
Tel: 01706 647474

Rochdale Borough Community Champions
Tel:01706 926674 Email: community.champion@rochdale.gov.uk

Rochdale MIND
Tel: 01706 752352 http://www.rochdalemind.org.uk

Samaritans Tel: 0845 90 90 90 http://www.samaritans.org

Sexual Health Improvement Tel: 01706 261954

Stop Smoking Service
Tel: 0161 655 1581 http://www.penninecare.nhs.uk NOT THINKING ABOUT CHANGE Peter Peter is 48 and lives in Middleton with his wife and two children. Peter had always liked a drink or two. Most Fridays he would go for a drink after work with colleagues and Saturday afternoons were always spent in the pub watching football with friends. He didn’t think it was a problem though, it was just something that everyone did at the weekend. CONSIDERING CHANGE Gradually Peter started to drink more and more. Work had become quite stressful and the odd pint or two during the week helped to relieve some of the stress. READY TO CHANGE Peter met the Community Champion and they discussed his drinking habits. Peter explained how he liked to have a drink to relieve some of the pressure from work. The Champion worked with him to set some small, achievable goals to help him cut down his drinking. ACTION - MAKING CHANGE HAPPEN After around 8 weeks, the Champion used strengths based coaching methods to help Peter work out how to get a better sense of control over his stress, see the warning signs earlier and plan how to respond to them. STAYING ON TRACK By the end of the sessions, Peter was drinking much less than before. He has learned how to manage his stress better and found other activities that make him feel better. Peter says the key thing that helped was the champion not pushing a solution on to him; instead they motivated him to take another small step. Peter’s wife commented on how much he was drinking - it wasn’t good for him to be drinking so much. She had heard about someone at work who had trained as a Community Champion and wondered whether they could help Peter to cut down the amount he was drinking. At first he wasn’t sure but thought if it would make his wife happy, it wouldn’t do any harm to give it a go. At first the goal was to find activities that were meaningful and took his mind off work. Instead of going for a drink when he felt stressed, he started to go to the gym. He soon found that he was able to reduce his alcohol intake, although still had the odd slip up from time to time. As a result, he found he was slipping into old habits much less frequently and was able to drink less. Even his weekly Friday nights at the pub had changed to monthly nights out. NOT THINKING ABOUT CHANGE John John is 17 and has been using cannabis since the age of 11, gradually increasing his usage from experimental to £20 a day. John had previously been involved with Early Break for substance misuse but disengaged from the service as he’d made little change to his behaviour. However, his mother referred him back into the service following a family breakdown when he became angry and struggled to cope with what was happening. CONSIDERING CHANGE Early Break spent 12 weeks working with John to explore his cannabis use through the Cycle of Change. READY TO CHANGE ACTION - MAKING CHANGE HAPPEN John began to grow in confidence following his reduction plan. He was encouraged to try different forms of alternative therapies to help with reducing anxiety and stress levels. STAYING ON TRACK John has not used cannabis for over 12 weeks and has agreed that he no longer needs a treatment service from Early Break. He has improved family relationships, increased self esteem and confidence. He kept a record of his cannabis use using diary sheets and was able to identify patterns in his usage. These were used to help John develop his own strategies for saying ‘No’. John continues to participate in a follow on project which involves other aspects of community work and peer mentoring and can lead onto further employment opportunities. Sometimes support for behaviour change can come from a specialist service, such as the Stop Smoking Service, or from someone whose job isn't just about improving lifestyles, like a teacher or nurse.

A lot of the time, family, friends and other people or groups in the community, give individuals the support needed to successfully change their behaviours. In Heywood, Middleton & Rochdale we have a growing number of Health Chatters who are trained to chat with you about your lifestyle and put you in touch with someone who can help you make a change – whether that be something small or something life changing. READY TO CHANGE Paul wanted to develop new skills in facilitating groups, teaching and training people so he enrolled on some Lifelong Learning training courses. This enabled him to learn how to plan, facilitate and manage sessions more effectively. ACTION - MAKING CHANGE HAPPEN Every time Paul now runs a course or group he feels he is learning new skills, increasing his knowledge and taking on new challenges and responsibilities. He has learnt to set realistic and achievable goals, centred around the Five Ways to Wellbeing. STAYING ON TRACK Since Paul adopted the ‘Keep Learning’ element into his life, he has increased his confidence and self-esteem and is now teaching others how they can embed the Five Ways to Wellbeing into their lives too! Paul Paul is 34 and an occupational therapist living in Rochdale. NOT THINKING ABOUT CHANGE Paul didn’t give much thought to managing his wellbeing until he came across the Five Ways to Wellbeing through his work as an occupational therapist. Support for Change LOCAL FACT LOCAL FACT FACT LOCAL LOCAL FACT LOCAL FACTS LOCAL FACT LOCAL FACT Thank you to the following people for their contributions in the development of this report: Members of the Borough’s Multi Agency Healthy Lifestyles Strategy Group Rochdale Borough Community Champions ICE - http://www.icecreates.com CONTENTS Foreword
Community Champions
Overview statistics
Overcoming barriers to change
Support for change
Case studies
Key messages
Useful numbers
Thank you changing behaviours Health Chats are quick discussions aimed at helping people to lead healthier lifestyles. It may be about quitting the fags, fitting back into those favourite jeans, or getting fitter so you can run around with your grandkids or even to catch the dog when it runs off! So far around 700 Health chatters have been trained from across a number of organisations, including Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, Pennine Acute NHS Trust, Link4Life and Rochdale MIND. CASE STUDIES LOCAL FACT LOCAL FACTS READY TO ACTION - MAKING STAYING Joan does not enjoy walking because her mobility is restricted by ongoing pain in her hips and other joints. However, she agreed to go along for the first session to keep Bill happy. Joan was surprised by how much she enjoyed the first walk! Both Joan and Bill were keen to attend the second week of the walks. By the third week Joan was even starting to feel less pain and was eager to join other walks in the area. A year later, the couple are regular walkers and go out walking together most days. Bill is a local walk leader and they are also part of the local rambling group, walking up to six miles every week. ABOUT CHANGE CHANGE ON TRACK CHANGE HAPPEN CHANGE By the end of the six week programme, Bill and Joan were taking weekly walks together along the canal, covering two to three miles in each walk. They were also planning to join a local rambling group. After his operation, Bill joined the local sports centre and since having his operation has lost some weight. He was concerned that Joan was not active enough so when he heard that the Health Trainers were starting a six week series of Health Walks he was interested in signing up himself and Joan. Bill and Joan are much fitter and have more stamina than before. Joan no longer feels any pains in her hips and other joints. They have also extended their social circle and have enjoyed visiting and walking around several new places in Lancashire and beyond. Bill & Joan Bill, 69, and Joan, 66, are a married couple from Heywood. Bill has recently had a triple bypass operation and is slightly overweight. Joan has been diagnosed with osteoporosis. NOT THINKING CONSIDERING LOCAL FACTS LOCAL FACT There are over 400 Community Champions in Rochdale Borough. Community Champions are local people who use their skills and attributes to help others in their community. They provide one to one support to help someone to deal with a difficulty or to achieve a particular goal, building capacity and resilience and, if possible, preventing the need for further services. All champions are trained in solution focused approaches, and are able to provide support with literacy or communication, families and wellbeing. Many champions also have training or skills in particular areas, and can provide specialist support in areas including mental health and healthy lifestyles. Community Champions Health Trainers They motivate and encourage people to develop personal health plans that meet people's individual needs - people set their own goals and Health Trainers support people to achieve them. Health Trainers are specially trained to give information and advice on ways to live a healthier lifestyle, whether that is becoming more active, losing weight, eating more healthily, cutting down on alcohol intake or stopping smoking. Health Trainers help people to develop healthier behaviour and lifestyles in their own local communities. They offer practical support to change their behaviour to achieve their own choices and goals. Five Ways to Wellbeing For more information visit Connect… with the people around you
Be active…healthy body equals healthy mind
Take notice… catch sight of the beautiful
Keep learning… try something new
Give… your time Based on the latest scientific evidence, The New Economics Foundation (nef) has recommended a set of five simple actions which can improve wellbeing in everyday life and increase your life expectancy by up to seven years! The Five Ways to Wellbeing are: Health and wellbeing matters to us all. We all have different lifestyles, different backgrounds and different interests but for everyone, keeping healthy and feeling good both physically and mentally are vital to enjoy life. Rochdale Health Related Behaviour Survey 2012 National Child Measurement Programme, 2011/12 Modelled estimate using Health Survey for England 2006-2008 Rochdale Health Profile 2012, www.healthprofiles.info Rochdale Health Related Behaviour Survey 2012 Office for National Statisitcs, 2010/2011 Department of Health Rochdale Health Related Behavior Survey 2012 - (University of Wisconsin, Model of Population Health) Barriers to Change So why doesn’t everyone take action?
Here are just some of the reasons why…. Support for change LOCAL FACTS http://www.doyoufeelgood.org/healthtrainers/health-trainer-contact-details.aspx Case Studies are based on the real health and wellbeing journeys of our citizens. Names and photographs have been changed. http://www.fivewaystowellbeing.co.uk For more information visit http://www.doyoufeelgood.org/healthtrainers/health-trainer-contact-details.aspx We very much appreciate your comments and feedback on this annual report and the new format that has been used, so we would be grateful if you would please complete this short questionnaire. http://consultations.rochdale.gov.uk/research/52a8bf3e/consultation
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