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Exam Anxiety

No description

James Gillum

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Exam Anxiety

Anxiety A normal and useful
response to stress What is Anxiety? Jamie's History Exam is in 4 weeks time. She has not revised. Sue has been revising steadily for a month already. Sue talks to Jamie about her revision. She makes Jamie feel anxious. Jamie starts revision. A recurring (nagging)
thought, or thoughts An uncomfortable feeling
(being on edge) A stronger, negative response 1% 15 years of UK children 41% boys change in style of relationship with parents (more egalitarian) Developing social networks and romantic partners forming an identity future planning girls are more likely to attribute their success to effort and luck
(boys more likely to attribute it to ability) Malek revises for 3 hours a day. His exams are 6 months away. Most days, be spends time worrying that he has not done enough work and that he will fail his exams. This worry persists even though he has tried to get rid of it. He no longer sleeps well, he is irritable and he finds it hard to concentrate. His school work is starting to suffer. Can be present amongst more able students. can be a desire to do one's best wherever possible can be a compulsive and unrelenting strain towards impossible goals Sift the
evidence Prevalence What would
your friend
say? Managing anxiety Turn the
down Positive
self-talk When were you last anxious? Per
ism Breathing
technique Practise
relaxation Socialising Sleep Diet Exercise
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