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US Open

No description

Mauricio Benavides

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of US Open

U.S. Open Championship
History Cont'd
- Since 1911, the title has been won mostly by players from the U.S., having only six other countries winning it since 1950, most notably South Africa.
-The U.S. Open is the only major championship which retains an 18-hole playoff the following day, and an added sudden death hole if a tie occurs.
U.S. Open Championship
Mauricio Benavides
U.S. Open Championship is the second of four prestigious major championships in both the PGA Tour and European Tour. Usually held in mid-June or the third Sunday in June to have the final round pld on Father's Day.

History of U.S. Open Championship
-USGA established in 1895, staged in variety of courses.
- First played in Newport Country Club in Newport, Rhode Island on October 4,1895 on a nine-hole course.
-Only ten professionals and one amateur entered,.
-21 year old Horace Rawlins won the 1st U.S. Open Championship

Quick Facts
-Pinehurst No. 2 is set up as one of the most difficult courses to play due to the par being set on 70 for a very long course.
-Women were allowed to play in the U.S. Open dating back to 1903 and now have their own seperate tournament.
- Willie Anderson won the first and only back-to-back-to-back titles from 1903-1905
-Bobby Jones (1923-1930) and Ben Hogan(1948-1953) won the tournament four times a piece over a seven year span,
Notable Winners in U.S. Open History
-(1960) Arnold Palmer
-(1962,'67,'80) Jack Nicklaus
-(1968,'71) Lee Trevino
-(1982) Tom Watson
-(1991,'99)Payne Stewart
-(2000,'02,'08) Tiger Woods
-(2014) Martin Kaymer ( Set record with back to back 65 rounds)
Quick Facts Con'td
- Nations Such as; Japan, North Korea, Ireland, Germany, South Africa, Austrailia, Switzerland, Sweden and more were represented by more than 150 players.
-Winner Martin Kaymer from Germany took home $1.62 million for 1st place.

-The U.S. Open Championship showcases the most elite golfers in the world.
-The golfers are being challenged by not only an extremely long course having to play against a par-70, but the outdoors conditions of the summer time and the effects it has on the course.
-Although this prestigious tournament is supposed to keep players right at par or sometimes over par, players like Martin Kaymer defied the odds and won 9-under.

Did anybody watch it??

What golfer has been a six-time runner-up at U.S. Open Championship and never won the title??
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