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The Walking Dead

No description

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of The Walking Dead

The story of a zombie apocalypse:
The series is set in a post-apocalyptic world and is led by
Rick Grimes
, a police officer who on waking from a coma, he sees this crowded world of wild zombies (called "
"). To find his family, he joins a group of survivors to lead comes.

The story, set in Georgia, United States, chronicles the experiences of the group, which faces the plague that has spread, as well as other groups of humans who are also struggling to survive both.
The first season featured six episodes and focuses on
Rick Grimes
, police, who gets shot and ends up in a coma for a month.
Upon awakening from coma, Rick seeks help to find his family. Rick goes with a group that took refuge in the same place where his family was. He gets to meet them, and constantly faced zombies who want to attack them. The group that survives gets moved to CDC to seek the possibility of a cure, but don't make it.
They continue the travel trying to survive.
Second season (2011-2012):
The second season featured thirteen episodes. The group of survivors leaving Atlanta and go to the countryside.
This season focused on finding Carol's daughter,
, who was lost in a forest after escaping of two zombies, she ends up being bitten by one of them. In the search for Sophia, the group takes refuge on the farm of
Hershel Greene
, a veterinarian, and his family.
They're finally invaded by zombies, causing the farmer, his family, Rick and the group, leave the farm and seek a new refuge.
Third season (2012-2013):
The third season featured sixteen episodes. Spend several months after Hershel's farm was abandoned before a wave of walkers, that because of this, the survivors must find another place to take refuge.
The group found a prison and takes refuge in it. The season focuses on the battle against Army Group of Woodbury, a town of survivors led by "the Governor" Phillip Blake.
Fourth season (2013-2014)
The fourth season featured sixteen episodes. Ends the battle between Rick and the Governor. In addition the group is separated after the battle, each looking for a shelter; however, they go in search of a place called "Terminus", which promises safety to all who come to there.
Nobody knows if this
place is really a good
place or not.
Fifth season (2014-2015):
The fifth season featured sixteen episodes, and will be released on October 12th of this year.
He risks his life every two or three days, arriving in the city of Atlanta to get supplies of all kinds for the group of survivors camping just outside Atlanta.
Daryl Dixon:
He's liberal and problematic, although he has a strong personality is a man with a big heart. He becomes Rick's right hand.
Carol Peletier:
She suffers from severe physical abuse by her husband Ed. Carol is devastated to find his daughter turned into zombie.
He's strong and he always carries a hammer, which he uses to defend against the walkers. He led his group to the prison and met Carl, who gave them a place in this place.
She's a mysterious and lonely survivor. She joins Rick and his group after losing her family. Use a katana as a weapon.
He's the first to die from a disease, and then becoming zombie attacked many people in prison (one is the father of Lizzie and Mika).
Lizzie Samuels:
She has trouble understanding the difference between the walkers and the living, who considers "Different". After killing his sister Mika, her plan was kill Judith also, but she was stopped. For the protection of others, Carol decides to shoot her in the head.
Mika Samuels:
She's characterized by a cheerful and innocent personality. She likes stories of Carol, who once said "My sister is not afraid is just a little crazy," something that Carol did not give enough importance and then bring their problems. Finally dies murdered by her disturbed sister Lizzie.
The Walking Dead
I's a television series of drama and horror, created and produced by Frank Darabont and based on the comic book created by Robert Kirkman.
First season (in 2010):
Characters: Grimes family:
Characters: Survivors of Atlanta:
Characters: Dead of the group of Atlanta:
Characters: Greene Farm:
Characters: They appear in prison:
Rick Grimes:

He's the protagonist of the story along the journey in search of a new home. He is the leader of the group.
Lori Grimes:
She's the woman who supports every decision of the group leader.
Carl Grimes:
He has fourteen years old. He's one of the survivors most bravest and efficient of the group.
Judith Grimes:
Baptized by Daryl as "little ass kicker". It's just a baby a few weeks old.
Characters: Woodburry:
Shane Walsh:
Shane took care of Lori and Carl, and then during the beginning of the apocalypse took care to keep them safe. He dies in a fight with Rick, and return as a walker
Sophia Peletier:
Dies after being bitten by two zombies and escape them.
Dale picks up Andrea and Amy, after his car ran out of gas, taking them to camp in Atlanta. After being bitten by a zombie, she decides to kill herself.
She's the youngest sister of Andrea. During the invasion went to Atlanta in search of his parents. She died in an attack of zombies at camp.
Their caravan serves as a means of transportation for the group for a good part of the story. He dies attacked by a zombie. Before his death he asks Daryl to shoot him in the head, to avoid becoming a walker.
He was one of the survivors of Atlanta. He's bitten by a zombie attacking him from behind, ending died saving the life of Carol about zombies.
Merle Dixon:
He was racist, rude, rough and tough group of Atlanta.He died of a gunshot wound to the chest in the hands of the Governor, Daryl finally finds him become a walker and sadly ends him.

He was a farmer who welcomes Rick and the survivors on their farm.On reaching the prison he is bitten by a zombie in the leg, so Rick decides to amputate it to avoid being transformed.
"The Governor" cuts his head off, and Hershel dies in front of all the group.
Maggie Greene:
She falls in love with Glenn. She eventually takes a lot of experience with weapons and ends up having an important role in the group.
Beth Greene:
After discovering that their families in the barn were not sick, because they was dead, she falls into "shock", hides a knife and she attempts to suicide, like in the bathroom with a piece of glass of the mirror, but she's stopped twice: once for Lori and the other by Maggie.
Characters: New group of the Governor:
Philip Blake "The Governor":
Lilly is the one who ends the life of the Governor with a shot to the head, leaving his body lying in the middle of the prison camps.
Penny Blake:
She was a walker.Michonne kills. Then began a fight between the Governor and Michonne, and he lost an eye.
Bob Stookey:
He's an ex-military doctor and ex-alcoholic; because it is controlled and kept sober.
In prison, they are attacked by walkers until Carl appears and saves them. Later, Sasha and her group are thrown out of prison for Rick. They meet Andrea in the woods, she guides them to Woodbury, where they met the Governor. He learns that was in prison, and tells them they can stay as long as it takes. But finally back with Rick's group.

Characters: Travellers to Washington:
Lily Chambler:
Lilly is found by the Governor in the apartment where she hides with her sister Tara, his daughter Meghan and her father David. She definitely is who finishes with Governor shooting head to avenge the death of his daughter Meghan and discover what kind of man he really is. Lilly was surrounded and devoured by several walkers after shooting the governor.
Tara Chambler:
She worked as an administrator in the police office. In the attack on the prison she didn't hit any shot and throws his weapon. Glenn finds her and run away together. Maggie hugging Tara thanked for helping Glenn, but Tara still feels guilty about the attack on the prison and the death of Hershel.
Meghan Chambler:
While she was digging in the mud, a walker who was buried bites Meghan before her mother arrived in time to save her. Meghan dies. Lilly takes her daughter to Philip, who ends his life with a gunshot to the head to prevent it from becoming walker.
Abraham Ford:
He was an American army sergeant. He must take Dr. Eugene Porter to Washington DC. He tends to be very rough, and energetic. He is a gentle and just person.
Rosita Espinosa:
She's a sensual, loyal and combative woman who follows the orders of Abraham.
Dr. Eugene Porter:
He was able to find out what was the cause of the appearance of the walkers.
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