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Voltcom Group (Training Proposal)

Latest presentation

brian ferriday

on 4 May 2014

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Transcript of Voltcom Group (Training Proposal)

Voltcom Group specialises in:

Power network transmission and distribution
Competency development, training and management
Aviation and specialist equipment to the power industry
Supply of power network materials

Primary Headquarters:
Voltcom Group, South Wales, United Kingdom

Voltcom International Philippines, Manila, Philippines

North America:
Voltcom International Canada, St. John, Canada

Company size
(circa 2013)
350+ operational employees
$94m (us dollar)

Website: www.voltcomgroup.com
Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

Operational Markets

United Kingdom









New Zealand

Through Competency Management

Skill analysis of operational staff

Robust training & accreditation solution

Recordable competency & compliance mechanism

Detailed library of work instructions & risk assessments

Library access for supervisory staff for setting to work processes

Through Training

Annual training academy

Compulsory training

Specific skills training

Refresher trainer

Behavioural training

Leadership development & skills

Lessons learnt (key incidents & accidents with revised training modules)

Through safe systems of work

Bespoke work instructions for every type of activity

Associated training module per task & competency test

Associated risk assessment

'Setting to Work' brief

OSAR Process (on-site activity review)

TOSAR Process (team on-site activity review)

Daily risk assessments

Supervisor daily briefings prior to work commencing & at the end of the working day

Achieving Zero Harm
Achieving Zero Harm
Achieving Zero Harm
Achieving Zero Harm
Case Studies
Through Developing the Working Culture

Setting to Work

Brother's Keeper

Take 5

Safety Ladder

Buddy buddy system

Don't walk by

Everyone goes home safe

132kv Northern Power Grid Term Framework (UK)
- £40m 2007 - 2010
£45m 2011 - 2015

Scope of Works
Network upgrades
Refurbishment & maintenance
Erecting L2, L3 and L7 design
Reconductoring of aging network
Material supply and compliance
Replacement of high-risk network sections
Access construction & management
Design consultancy & management
Network condition assessments & reports

Asset life continuance
- foundation upgrades, tower preparation & painting

Beauly Denny (Scotland)
Scottish & Southern Electricity
- £300m 2008-2016

Scope of Works
698 L12 (modified) 400kv towers new construction
Wiring operations (twin 400kv Arucaria 700mm conductor) w/OPGW
Dismantling & recovering 996 towers (132kv)
Trident AP1 design 132kv diversion works
Helicopter heavy lift, erecting & piloting operations
Challenging environmental & climatic conditions with mountainous terrain & seasonal weather changes
National Grid Alliance (UK)

PROJECT VALUE av. spend £100m per annum
10 year upgrade of super grid

Scope of Works
275kv & 400kv
Full refurbishment of existing 275/400kv circuits
Installation of high-performance conductor
Reinsulation of 275kv & 400kv transmission towers
Live line wiring OPGW
Installation of OPGW & fibre optic
New construction 275kv & 400kv
Complex diversion works
Tower steelwork strengthening
Foundation installation - piling, auger, pyramid, mini-piles
Foundation upgrades
Tower condition assessment & inspection
Asset life management - preparation & painting
Western Power (Australia)
Training & Development
Voltcom Vision specialises in competency development, management and training, offering and delivering complete industry specific training modules supported by its bespoke software monitoring system.
Voltcom have established a leading international training department in servicing the power industry with bespoke safe systems of work to the client's specifications

Skills analysis and task specific training to develop safe working practices, experience, productivity and long-term cost efficiencies

Complete training delivery team carrying out mandatory and technical training programmes to suit the client's and asset requirement. Accredited by City and Guilds and EU Skills Register

Developing and constructing global training facilities fit for long or short-term purpose. Use of Voltcom's School of Excellence in the United Kingdom &/or the Phillippines.

Can provide a full suite of task specific method statements, working instructions, risk assessments and the delivery of processes and procedures to ensure complete understanding and implementation. Delivered to multi-lingual requirements

Personal development training to ensure correct working attitude, culture, behaviour and ultimately the correct individuals for the correct task, position and succession.

Continuous monitoring of training and skills development through mentoring and bespoke audits against activities.

Specific training development based around audit findings and delivery of annual refresher training/skills academy, based on mandatory criteria, new activities and lessons learnt.

Competency management and monitoring software support allowing 'real time' access to compliance information, skills register and training records.

Ability to deliver industry alerts and information utilising smart mobile technology with 'live' monitoring capability. (android, IOS and microsoft compatible)

Voltcom Construction specialises in providing innovative solutions to the international power network and telecommunication construction sectors.

Turnkey solutions on transmission and distribution networks - low voltage to EHV 675kv (
overhead line, cabling and substations
Foundations and civil construction
Installation of materials
Asset maintenance
Solutions in extending asset life expectancy

Construction of telecommunication masts and structures
Solutions in extending asset life expectancy

Continually developing specialist techniques to assist in managing the current demands on high-risk networks to ensure asset sustainability

'Safety by Design' with pioneering solutions to reduce risk to the work-force, the public, the network and ultimately corporate responsibility

Ensuring safe and proficient working practices with our suite of detailed working instructions, method statements and risk assessments designed for each and every specific task with supporting compliance documentation
Voltcom Fleet Solutions offer a service to the power industry providing specialist equipment & developing the safe working methods to maximise the potential & productivity of such equipment

Heavy and light lift helicopter support & methodology for such activities as remote area support, erecting, wiring, piloting, asset surveying & condition assessment.

Building bespoke machinery & equipment to provide maximum productivity and safety by design

Specialist erecting equipment with purposely designed light weight derricks/gin poles & bespoke erecting winches

Superior quality & engineered machinery for wiring/stringing operations

Our innovation & operations teams have developed and continue to, with new methods & equipment to improve network operations and security. Catenary support systems, live line tasks with our specific OPGW live wiring support system, in-house machinery development & construction, network safety with our mobile 'road hurdle' to protect roads, railways and crossings.

Bespoke welfare vehicles for remote working

Competitive powerline material supplies through our manufacturer network
Live Line Capability
Design & Engineering
Voltcom has key experience in live line techniques to support the power industry where overhead line networks are under exceptional demand, restricting the opportunity for reliable outage planning.

Our live line works are global ranging from;
live low voltage at 110v to 240v (UK, Canada, Australia & the Philippines)
11kv to 69kv wood, concrete & lattice structures (UK, Canada, Australia, France & the Philippines)
275kv to 400kv OPGW (UK & Australia)
110kv to 500kv wood & steel lattice structures (Ireland, Canada, the Philippines, France & the USA)

We have developed exceptional EHV live line solutions with our long-term partners, Electricite de Francaise in France & MJ Electric in the USA.
Voltcom Group have a small in-house design capability supporting foundation and tower strengthening design works.

In order to support our growing need for design capability we have formed both UK & international partnerships to support our business requirement in all forms of overhead line, cabling and substation design.

Design Partners
Iberdrola Engineering & Construction
Hansei Corporation
MSVI (Morgan Sindall Vinci)

CSS - Catinary Support System for stringing live line OPGW, installation of conductor & the removal of existing conductors over high-risk crossings

Road Hurdle - mobile scaffolding system for the protection of rail, road, buildings & live crossings

Aviation & ROAV (remotely operated aerial vehicle) for tower line inspection & to assist in restricted flying areas for condition assessments & thermal imaging inspection

Bespoke industry specific personal protection equipment for all aspects of overhead powerline tasks to include fall arrest systems & fire retardant clothing
Developing Resource
Voltcom developed an international skilled workforce that has been specifically recruited & trained to deliver the optimum performance, providing strong leadership, supervision & technical skill sets for our own & our client's project requirements.

Exceptional safety records, high standards in quality & productivity were produced through a managed global deployment.

Our key elements is to support current delivery workforces, by integrating our skilled employees &/or by upskilling our client's operatives & primary supervision to leave a trained & skilled legacy to remain into the future

Voltcom has maintained a cabling capability supporting our contract frameworks primarily with the 11kv and 66kv networks.

Recent investment & acquisition has moved our capability into the EHV sector, ranging from 132kv to 400kv to incorporate all aspects of cable installation from groundworks to specialised oil filled jointing.


2010 - Current
Development of the 'Red Seal' linesman federal accreditation Canada
Constructing training facilities (distribution network) Toronto, Alberta & British Columbia)
Developing training syllabus & modules for all aspects of operating on the distribution network to include live line operations
Delivery & implementation of a suite of method statements & work instructions for the industry
Delivering training & trainer legacy remains within the contacting companies


£9.8m 2007 - Current
Development of a skilled resource capable of global deployment for the overhead power sector
Constructing a transmission training facility to cope with 1,500 personnel per annum
Upscaling overhead line personnel to operate primarily in Australia, Canada, New Zealand & United Kingdom
Delivering an international recognised accreditation
Key clients - Balfour Beatty, National Grid UK, John Holland, Transpower, ATCO Electric & K-Line
PROJECT VALUE AUS$120m 2009 - 2017

Scope of Works
Replacement of 460kms of 34.8kv open wire with aerial bundle conductor
69kv live line refurbishment
125kms of 69kv new construction
138kms of 132kv new construction
220v live LV connections
Live line working (hot glove) 34.8kv & 69kv
Retirement of wood, steel & concrete structures
New single & H-pole heavy construction
Cabling operations for crossing conflicts
Foundation installation

Safety Success
Voltcom Group set out to challenge key areas for its business growth & development for a sustainable future.
Primary goals for improvement were, safety, investment in our people, quality, industry innovation, productivity & developing a strong reliable workbook through our reputation & capability.

A fundamental success has been our safety record achieving, zero fatalities in our history & zero accidents & incidents since 2009 totaling over 4 million man hours.

Through continued success in our key areas we now have a number of global partnerships in supporting their safety objectives
Engineered Solutions
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