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Introduction to Internet Searching

For Missouri state government employees - learn to search the web effectively!

MOSL Trainer

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of Introduction to Internet Searching

Introduction to Internet Searching
Print Materials
Missouri State Library catalog

Online Tools/Research Databases
General, multidisciplinary
Available from our website: http://www.sos.mo.gov/library/reference

Reference Services - information services for state employees
Wolfner - materials for the visually impaired
Library Development -aid to public libraries, surveys, professional development

What does the State Library do?
braille books
Reference Services
summer reading
state and federal aid to public libraries
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
Library Development
Wolfner Library
audio books
Keeping Up
What to know about
web searching

Browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.

Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing, etc

Spiders, crawlers, bots - programs that recall results in search engines

No search engine searches the entirety of the web when you type in a search. Search engines just search their databases of the web.

How do search engines decide which hits to show at the top of the list? Popularity and relevancy.

Google - How Search Works:
Tips, Tricks, Tools and Resources
Keywords and Concepts
Domains: .edu, .com, .mil, .gov, .net, .org, etc.
Content Farms
Deep Web
Advanced Searching
Phrase Searching
Boolean: NOT, OR
Sponsored Results/Advertising
Site and Domain Searching
Contact Us:
Additional Services and Resources
Keeping Up
Information assistance
Training Media Collection
Plan for Today
Class is split into two categories: Things to be aware of and tools you can use to get better results.
We will:

Visit the State Library website
Cover some search mechanic basics
Introduce keywords and concepts
Introduce search tips and tricks
Introduce online resources/helpful sites
Break halfway through, discuss and address questions throughout!
Search Engine Basics
continuing education
Sites that create thousands of new pages a day - generates more hits, and therefore more revenue.

Answers.com, DemandMedia (its wiki answers product is Ehow.com)

Creates environment of false positives
Unsolicited messages/content. In search engines “spamdexing” can occur, in which unrelated keywords and phrases are inserted in a page in order for the page to get more hits.

Information freely available on the Internet but not able to be indexed by a search engine - invisible to search engines’ initial search feature.

Often dynamic, on-the-fly content – social networking, databases, comments, etc.
Most search engines allow companies and groups to pay to be included in searches as sponsored links.

It isn’t always easy to distinguish regular results from groups that have paid to be included.
Searching a phrase forces the search engine to find all the words you have entered as one unit.
“quotation marks”

“Beechcraft A 23 Musketeer - Performance Data”
AND – Narrows your search by telling the search engine you want more than one term to be present.
OR – Broadens your search by telling the program you want either term to be present.
NOT – Limits a search by excluding terms.
Use a site/domain search to …
search an entire site
exclude a domain
search one specific domain

influenza site:gov
tuition increase –site:edu
Better searches
Add-ons and Shortcuts
Check out Firefox's options! They can assist with research, web development, privacy enhancements, shopping, translations, and much more
Browser Add-ons
Keyboard Shortcuts
Save time and energy by utilizing simple keystrokes. See the handout.
WOT - Safe Surfing: Websites you can trust
LastPass Password Manager: Free online password manager and form filler
Adblock Plus: Banners and adverts be gone!
Online Resources
Better searches, better results
Look at Better Searches handout, play with some of the examples given
Look over together: http://www.hackcollege.com/blog/2011/11/23/infographic-get-more-out-of-google.html
Try: filetype:pdf site:gov intitle:parkinson's disease
Subject Directories - try www.ipl.org
Find Advanced Search page in Ask, Yahoo, Google and Bing
Try searching the same phrase in each, and take a look at the results, ads, and other bells and whistles in the results lists.
Example: how to make a will
Try this next: "estate planning" -site:com
Now, let's try: bingiton.com
Helpful and frequently requested resources - freely available online:
, "All the words in the world. Pronounced.": www.forvo.com/
Historical Census Browser
for Census material from 1790 to 1960: http://mapserver.lib.virginia.edu/
from the U.S. government: www.data.gov
Cornell law
for federal legislation and basic legal information: http://www.law.cornell.edu/.
for federal public law, code and more: http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/.
People finders: http://www.spokeo.com, http://www.zabasearch.com, our own
AtoZ Databases
Public Library of Law
for free access to Supreme Court and Appellate cases from 1997 to present: http://www.plol.org
State Agency Database for an all-in-one source of state government-created databases: http://wikis.ala.org/godort/index.php/State_Agency_Databases
Internet Archive
, home of the Wayback machine (large preserve of Internet material: www.archive.org
Related Searching
Search for sites similar to favorites

File Type Searching
Search for items by file type (pdf, ppt, xls)

health insurance exchange filetype:pdf
Numerical Searching
Search within a numerical range

elk restoration 2010..2014
Intitle Searching
Search in the title of a page or document

Fun stuff!
Nutrition facts and other instant answers
Southwest flight 223

Image helpers

Do a barrel roll - Tell Google to do a barrel roll and it will comply! (Depends on browser)
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