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Teaching Critical Lenses through Disney Movies

Archetypal, Historical, Marxist, and Feminist lenses applyed to different Disney Movies

Ryan Woods

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Teaching Critical Lenses through Disney Movies

Watch each trailer through a different lens...
Teaching Critical Lenses Through Disney Movies
...through the Archetypal Lens
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
...through the Psychological Lens
Robin Hood
...through the Historical Lens
...through the Feminist Lens
Damsel in Distress
Social Outcast
What is the character thinking?
Time Period
Females are objects
Needed to be saved
Required Help
It's a man's world...
If you received a PINK letter, you are analyzing "Cinderella" through the Feminist Lens
If you received a BLUE letter, you are analyzing "Snow White" through the Psychological Lens.
If you received a GREEN letter, you will be analyzing "Robin Hood" through the Historical Lens.
If you received an ORANGE letter, you are analyzing "Hercules" through the Archetypal Lens.
What do these letters represent?
These are your jobs...

R= Reader. You will read the synopsis.
S= Summarizer. You will summarize the main points of the synopsis and Critical Lens Notes.
W= Writer. You will be writing for your group.
P= Presenter. You will be presenting your findings to the class.
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