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Cell Analogy: Amusement Park

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on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Cell Analogy: Amusement Park

In a cell, the nucleus controls the cell and directs the function of the cell by DNA. Much like the nucleus, the information desks in the amusement park know everything about the park. They help guests in the amusement park navigate their way throughout the park.
Nucleus: The Information Desk
Cell Analogy: Amusement Park
The cell membrane is the outer layer of a cell that protects the whole cell. It is semi-permeable, meaning that some stuff can enter the cell, and some cannot. Like the cell membrane, the ticket booth will let guests in. However, the guests must have a ticket to enter the amusement park.
Cell Membrane: The Ticket Booth
Golgi bodies stores proteins the ribosomes create and transports the proteins out of the cell. Gift shops in an amusement park also do this, as they allow guests to buy products in the shop and bring them out of the amusement park.
Golgi Bodies: The Gift Shop
The cytoplasm gives the cell shape and separates the parts of the cell from one another. Just like the cytoplasm, the fences/gates/boundaries in an amusement park shapes pathways in the amusement park. Furthermore, the fences/gates/boundaries shape where the rides will be.
Cytoplasm: Fences/Gates/Boundaries
Ribosomes creates proteins for the cell, and gets information from the nucleus about what to make and when. The food stands at the amusement parks create food for guests, similar to the ribosomes. After, the guests have a choice to bring the food out of the amusement park (golgi bodies) or eat it while in the amusement park.
Ribosomes: The Food Stands
The mitochondria is the power plant of a cell. This organelle produces energy, so that the cell can use it and function. Similarly, amusement parks need electricity generators or power plants to run. The rides in the amusement park will not function unless there is electricity available to power the ride.
Mitochondria: The Electricity Generator/Power Plant
Some vacuoles store nutrients and water. The purpose of storing nutrients and water are for the cell to use the materials. Therefore, fridges or storage areas in an amusement park are similar, as the food stands are able to use the materials in the fridges to provide food and gift shops are able to bring out clothes and souvenirs out of storage areas to sell.
Vacuoles (Nutrient/Water): Fridges/Storage Areas
Some vacuoles also store waste, and the waste is eventually removed or broken apart by the lysosomes. In amusement parks, garbage/recycling bins and washrooms have the same job as the vacuoles. They store waste such as garbage and poop, and are eventually removed.
Vacuoles (waste): Garbage/Recycling Bins/Washrooms
Endoplasmic Reticulum: The Pathways
In a cell, the job of the endoplasmic reticulum is to transport materials from one part of a cell to another part, but not out of the cell. Therefore, the job of the pathways in an amusement park are similar to the job of the endoplasmic reticulum; the pathways help direct guests around the park.
Lysosomes: The Janitors
The lysosomes, also called the "recycling plant", supports the vacuole. This part of the cell helps breaks down and removes waste the vacuole stores. Like lysosomes, janitors support the garbage/recycling bins and washrooms. They clean out the garbage/recycling bins and clean the toilets in the washrooms, and the waste is taken away from the amusement park.
By: Alvin Kam, 8P
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