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Literature, Music, and Art {1500-1600s}

An english project over the Elizabethan Era.

Miss Brehl

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of Literature, Music, and Art {1500-1600s}

By: Ashlee, Sam, and Maggie Music A
T Music in the Elizabethan era was a big part of life
. The queen loved music
. a man was only considered a gentlmen if he could sing to his love Music was played by all classes of people
music was a way of expressing emotion Artwork of the Elizabethan era had many
styles that varied from statue to painting. art particularly flourished in this time because of the queens favor for it.
Queen Elizabeth especially loved painted portraits and miniatures. The overall theme of the
Elizabethan art was a protral
of nobility, intricit details, and
luxurious designs. Silver Works

Miniatures Architectural Large scale paintings Portraiture •This was the favored style by the queen Elizabeth and the style typically associated with this time period

• Many portraits were done of the queen this style of art usually portrayed people in a sense of nobility, it expressed people with elaborate embroidery and luxurious dress.
It is highly associated with the Elizabethen era.
These were typically individual paintings. initially based on italian SONNETS
people were well respected if they could play music Instruments Composers Viol
Spinet, Virginals,
Lute William Byrd
Thomas Campion
John Dowland
Orlando Gibbons Literature iterature in the Elizabethan era is very different from the literature being used today. Such as many words that are no longer used. this was another name for rhyme scemes in that time period. • Renaissance humanism
• Protestant Zeal
• Geographical and Scientific discoveries This style originated from old Renaissance sketches and blueprints that new artist picked up and recreated in a miniature form

Miniatures were typically used as decorative art pieces, but also could be found as lockets

This type of portraiture was also one of the most popular for the time period

Silver was a very popular metal of the time and was materialized within the upper and middle class.
Silver was used for sculpture, furnishing and as well as embroidery for clothing. Silver was a used to detail dressed and even thread was made from pure gold.

Ingo Jones was the man who introduced the Italian style which was the inspiration for many Elizabethan era structures. a common denomination in these structures was the symmetry they showed. "SPIAL"
to spy "SPIAL" meant
spy "DAUB " meant
to disguise
Today, we have 26 letters in the alphabet. Back Then, their alphabet only had of 24 lettters.

In this time period, Religion had a huge role in almost everyting.

on many occasions music in this case, Drama or any type of creative wrtiting had to be based on religion in some way. Once upon a time..
This is another name for what we call today a rhyme scheme Religion was dominate in everything. Including Literature Causes for the "change in literature" Spelling was still in progress.. There wasn't a formal vocabulary or language, because new words were being invented. A good example would be
William Shakespeare. There were many ways others had spelled his name.

shakspere According to some documents, his name was spelled "Shakespeare," but there were some cases where he had spelled his name as "S hakespere" many writers and authors were convicted of a crime due to thier different ways of thinking. One of those writers included Shakespeare himself. Many authors, actors, and writers took advantage of those contributions to entertain the people. the letters 'u' and 'v' were the same letter. 'u' was used in the middle of a word, and 'v' was used in the beginning of a word. the letters 'i' and 'j' were also the same letter. 'j' was used as the capital form, and 'i' was the lowercase form. the letter 'y' took the place of the sound of the 'th', so when someone wanted to say the, it would be spelled 'ye' There were many famous, writers who never even went to college, a good example would be Shakespeare. Court this type of music was
played for the queen Street this type of music was very rare Town this music was played by "Waits" Church had to be the most
sacred and beautiful Bibliography "SADLY" meant
seriously "SPRING " meant to shoot Examples of the
Elizabethan Era
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So there were many words spelled in many different ways. Queen Elizabeth took the Throne, and things started to change. this is a 6 foot long lute also
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Five main
themes of music Theatre this music was created to reflect the emotion of plays like those of William Shakespere INTRODUCTION The Elizabethan Era was a time of creativity and change on how people entertained themselves.This Included the literature, Music and Art. But Nothing just "came out of the Blue" :) Conclusion The Literature, Music and Art in the Elizabethan Era was highly encouraged by Queen Elizabeth due to the fact that she enjoyed it. This was a time where creativity flourished and the appreciation of being unique finally came to play.
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