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The 4Rs Program

No description

Deirdre Cincotta

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of The 4Rs Program

The 4Rs Program
Whole School Success
By highlighting universal themes of conflict, feelings, relationships, and community, the 4Rs curriculum adds meaning and depth to literacy instruction. Since reading and writing are excellent tools for exploring conflict, feelings, and problem-solving, the 4Rs approach enriches conflict resolution instruction as well.
The 4Rs curriculum is grade-specific. Each grade has its own teaching guide, books, and age-appropriate activities. Each 4Rs unit begins with a Read Aloud of a children’s book, carefully chosen for its high literary quality and relevance to the theme. Next is Book Talk — discussion, writing, and role-play to deepen students’ understanding of the book and connect it to their lives. Then comes Applied Learning — skills practice related to the theme.
The 4R program promotes success!
They even offer FREE lessons to implement!!!
Students at P.S. 307 reflecting
on the 4Rs!
The 4Rs Program
The 4Rs program (reading, writing, respect, and resolution) is meant to target students between pre-kindergarten and middle school ages.
The program began in New York City schools but has since been implemented in other states such as Ohio and Georgia.
P.S. 307 - Reflection on the 4Rs
Whole school program that is grade level appropriate.
Easy to implement.
Lesson plans and materials are available to teachers.
Support from the program.
In school professional development is accessible.
Various programs available to meet the needs and requirements of schools' specific needs for character education.
Free lessons online.
Necessary for entire school to be involved in order for success.
Programs for an entire school will be costly at first.
Administration must promote this program to ensure its use in classrooms.
Teachers must be on-board and consistent with its use.
Parent Involvement
The 4Rs program also involves a parent component which would be useful to keep parents and families involved with character education within the classroom.
As a teacher I find that it is always challenging to keep parents involved with everything we do in our classroom. I think it is important to involve parents in character education in order for it to be a success.
The 4R Approach to Success
The 4Rs builds on an engaging, interactive curriculum that uses great children's literature as springboard. In weekly lessons, teachers engage students in reading, writing, discussion, and skills practice aimed at fostering caring, responsible behavior, including:

building community
understanding and handling feelings
dealing well with diversity
Morningside Center. (2012). The 4Rs Program. http://www.morningsidecenter.org/4rs-program

Morningside Center. (2012). 4Rs Research Study. http://www.morningsidecenter.org/4rs-research-study

Powerful Teacher Support. (n.d.). Retrieved March 31, 2016, from http://www.morningsidecenter.org/powerful-teacher-support

Grade Appropriate Approach
The 4R's Program in action at P.S. 81
Evidence of Success
A rigorous scientific study found that The 4Rs had a positive effect on:

students' social and emotional competency
students' behavior
academic performance
classroom climate
A 2 year study of 4R schools compared to non 4R schools in New York City showed:
Lower levels of teacher-reported aggression
Less tendency to ascribe hostile motives to others in ambiguous social situations
Fewer symptoms of depression
Fewer symptoms of attention and hyperactivity problems
Increases in social competence

Children in the 4R schools showed significantly greater improvement in:
Academic skills, as reported by their teachers
Scores on standardized reading and math achievement tests
Research Study
The 4R program seems to be a great option for many schools. I believe that at the elementary level it is easy to implement character education through the use of literacy in the classroom.
The main downside of this program is its accessibility to all schools. Initially this program would be costly for a school to implement but I do believe that the pros will outweigh the cons. I have found that the program would cost about $150.00 per student. It may not be achievable for all schools but there is access to free lesson plan ideas on the Morning Side website.

It would be necessary for a strong leadership within the
school to promote the consistent use of the program in order for it to be successful but this would hold true with any
character education program. I believe that this program
would be a great choice for any school based on
how it is implemented, success stories and
formal research results.
EDGR502 - Character Education Program Analysis
By: Deirdre Cincotta
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