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bgy ch 33

No description

Amber Dowdy

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of bgy ch 33

Structure of the
Nervous System neurons: specialized cells that help you gather info about your environment & react to it Neurons have THREE main parts: 1.) dendrite: receives impusles

2.) cell body: nucleus of neuron & organelles 3.) axon: carries impulse away synapse: small gap between the axon and dendrite Nervous System has TWO main divisions ~ 1.) CNS ~ brain and spinal cord 2.) PNS ~ sensory neurons & motor neurons CNS:
*coordinates all body's activities
*relays messages
*processes info
*analyzes responses
The brain ~ control center cerebrum: largest part of brain, divided into 2 hemispheres folds and grooves on cerebrum allow more complex thoughts ~ hypothalamus: regulates body temp, thirst, appeitite, and water balance, blood pressure, fear, and sexual behavior size=fingernail performs more brain functions that any other brain structure its size! PNS ~ Peripheral Nervous System ~
THE SENSES ~ taste and smell ~ tastebuds: sweet, salty, bitter, sour Sense of taste & smell are stimulated by chemicals and often function together sight ~
rods: B&W
cones: color
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