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The Fred Hollows

No description

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of The Fred Hollows

The Fred Hollows
by:Eldrick Laosy 6B

What is The Fred Hollows Foundation?
The Fred Hollows Foundation helps people suffering from blindness caused by eye infections etc. The Fred Hollow Foundation is always there to help.
Where does Fred Hollows Foundation Work?
The Fred Hollows Foundation helps people around the world.
Like: Africa, South Asia, South East Asia, Australia and The Pacific
Fred Hollows
We should be lucky that Dr Fred Hollows helped people around the world that suffered from blindness.

What Does the Fred Hollows Foundation Do?
Where did he start
He started in South East Asia where he trained locals to perform eye surgery.
People are being blessed by Dr. Fred Hollows contribution.
Every eye is an eye
Just $25 can restore
Thank You For Your Generosity
Success Stories!
When Heiu's mum heard about that news she was heartbroken. So she had
to save lots of money for the operation.

When Hieu was six, the local doctor told Hieus mum there was nothing that could be done for her son – that he would eventually go blind. But together The Fred Hollows Foundation helped to give Hieu his independence and the potential to lead a full life.

But of course, there are many more people like Hieu who are still waiting, hoping they’ll be able to have an operation before their eyes get worse
and can not be fixed.
Hieu has been suffering from blindness for 4 years!
Hieu's mother was told nothing could be done!
Heiu had to leave school.
20th anniversary for The Fred Hollows Foundation
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