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Internet of Things

No description

Henry Hokura

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Things
Definition: Term that describes an environment where processors are embedded in every product imaginable (things), and those "things" communicate with each other via the Internet.
A Few New Products Out
History of (IoT)
The first concept of network of smart devices started in 1982 at Carnegie Mellon University with coke machine as a connected appliance
In 1994 Reza Raji described the concept as “[Moving] small packets of data to a large sets of nodes, so as to integrate and automate everything from home appliances to enter factories”
In 1999 the concept became popular and RFID technology was seen as the pre-requisite of Internet of Things

Hype Cycle
Do these look Familiar?
Intro to "Internet of Things"
Henry Hokura
GET 235 - Rubin

These are some of the most common products out today
Each product has a function which enables the user to have endless knowledge on each product
It is becoming a standard within everyday products we use from watches to cars

Moxie: Showerhead with wireless - Connects to your cellular device and plays music
Flic: Wireless Smart Button - Creates a shortcut to your favorite actions on your phonw. You can call a cab, or text your family.
Mimo: Smart baby monitoring - Get real-time audio and insights about you baby's sleep activity, right on your smart device
Event Driven
Ambient Intelligence
Flexible Structure
Semantic Sharing
Internet of Things
Ambient Intelligence - Autonomous entities that will be able to auto-organize themselves
Event Driven - To design and do based on need
Flexible Structure - Hundreds of nodes will be disable and set to run
Complex Access Time - Different kinds of media that need to access different technologies
Semantic Sharing - Machine can rend and send by themselves


Global Entreprise Tech: China Casestudy
China has a new 5 year plan created by MIIT (State Agency or PR China responsible for regulation and development of economy in China)

Understand importance of the Iot
Guide the development of the key projects of IoT
Create a favorable environment for the development of the IOT
Create 10 clusters and more than 1000 IoT firms
Build a $100 Billion industry by 2020
Market Growth Outside the US
"According to a study conducted by Frost & Sullivan in 201, the global RFID market of $3 billion to $4 billion will grow by 12% per year through 2016 and reach a volume or approx. $6.5 billion to almost 9 billion out side the US alone."
80% of all house holds in the EU are expected to have intelligent power meters by 2020
Technological GAP
In 2006 things connected to the internet surpassed the world population
This means the gap in technology is closing
People in lower developing countries are acquiring internet connecting device and are learning fast
This raises a security issue on if the internet fails, the whole world fails with 50 Billion products lost instantly

Global Big Data
Everyday around 20 quintillion (10^18) bytes of data are produced
This data includes text(structured, semi-structured, unstructured) to multimedia, on a variety of platforms (social media, sensors and enterprise)
Much of this data will be by hand held devices alone
Challenges of IoT
Universal identity
EPCglobal, IPv6 enough? Security is the key
Mobile operator monopoly vs. open Internet service
– DoS attack – address can be spoofed
– In-network pay service not possible – extra layer, end- to-end session required
When a Thing assigned to an IP identity
- It may not run TCP/IP, in many cases, not need to do so

Most of the world is globalizing
Technology is taking over daily task
It is the career field to go to
Total reliance can mean danger
There are still many challenges to IoT
It takes business to a new level
Why it Matters?
Most businesses are focused on getting products to market more quickly, adapting to regulatory requirements, increasing efficiency, and most importantly-continuing to innovate. Your highly mobile workforce, customers, and supply chain demand anytime, anywhere business tools.
It will be your job in the future to manage these products
It makes life easier, and gives you more time to focus on other things

Industries in IoT

Environment - Monitoring air | Water Quality | Movements of birds and wildlife with sensors
Industrial - Management and network control of manufacturing equipment| Processes/
Energy - Optimizing energy consumption and integration of sensing
Healthcare - Enabling remote health monitoring and emergency notification systems
Transport - integration of communications, control, and information processing across various transportation systems.
Home - Automation systems, lighting control, ventilation, appliances, entertainment, security devices to improve convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency.

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