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Lauren Glynn Interactive CV

The history of Lauren Glynn

Lauren Glynn

on 13 October 2011

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Transcript of Lauren Glynn Interactive CV

Lauren Glynn Completed a degree at the Queensland University of Technology. Whilst living on campus, enjoying all the social and sporting opportunities and wherever possible, embracing leadership opportunities... During my study I started part-time with FranchiseExpo.com.au & Global Burgers, and got offered full-time employment upon graduation (Jul 2006 - Nov 2007). The ski slopes were calling when I first started my travels and Mountain Video took me on as a Production Coordinator in Aspen, CO, USA (Nov 2007 - May 2008). On my return to Brisbane, the GFC hit and jobs in the Entertainment Industry were scarce. Hence, I followed my other passion, travel... In brief, my strengths lie in project coordination, communications and building relationships. Previous positions have required creativity, strong attention to detail, team work, the ability to work autonomously, a focus on time management, multi-tasking, an ability to learn quickly and hit the ground running.

In four words, I would describe myself as ambitious, confident, organised and self-motivated. I am currently in search of a company that is willing to take the leap and hire a 'Jack of all trades' who would excel as a digital (junior) project manager... educated being adventurous Bachelor of Creative Industries (Media & Communication)
Minor in Advertising ( 2006)
Diploma in Professional Communication (2004)
Obtained a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ upon graduation media experience... anything is possible online content producer production coordinator achieving International Travel Consultant,
Flight Centre Mt Ommaney, Brisbane, AUS
(Feb 2009 - Jan 2010) direct marketing & production assistant using technology gaining skills ... with a passion for the new
digital world and all that comes
with it.... Event management of sports, social and cultural entertainment for Cromwell College Students.
Weekly meetings, budget reconciliation and negotiation for sponsorship, merchandise and new event proposals Elected Secretary of Cromwell College Students Association (2006)
Cromwell College, Walcott St, St. Lucia, QLD 4067 Elected International Student Officer (2005)
Cromwell College, Walcott St, St. Lucia, QLD 4067 Weekly meetings, advisor and mentor for International Students.
Annual International Evening event management, which involved, organisation of dinner menu, schedule, entertainment and prizes. I began to understand what was possible in Australia,
but I had an urge to see what the world had to offer.. Adobe Photoshop - HTML - XHTML - CSS - Adobe Final Cut Suite - Galileo - Calypso - MS Office people who know me client services executive Strong oral and written presentation skill to build rapport with clients in order to sell travel.
Ability to operate internal computer programs and systems, such as Calypso and Galileo.
Creative thinking and exceptional problem solving skills, used often under pressure.
Research of companies and countries to make recommendations to clients.
Client centric but focused on meeting business requirements and commission goals.
Excellent ability to manage multiple tasks, client expectations and in order to help drive Flight Centre to meet revenue targets.
Very strong organisational skills, team work and attention to detail.
In October, awarded the Top Novice Award, based on the highest commission out of the area. Production Coordinator of ski and snowboarding film projects for private clients and competitions in Aspen, Snowmass, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk.
Examples of projects: X-Games, Free-Ride Competitions, Dog Sledding and Junior Olympic qualifiers.
Implementation of each project from start to finish. Use of Sony High Definition video camera for film shoots and Adobe Final Cut Suite to edit footage to create menu DVDs. In addition, footage was compressed for upload online, specifically, You Tube and Facebook.
Office management, invoicing, budgeting and filming and editing.
High level of customer service, team work, creativity, time management and an optimistic attitude was required at all times. (Nov 2007 - Dec 2008)

Starting in Aspen, I spent five months skiing, filming and editing. Next, I explored the USA, Caribbean, UK, France, Spain, Italy and Greece for four months. In Antibes, France I discovered a yachting course which I then completed, and continued to work as a Stewardess on luxury charter yachts for the remainder of the year. Recruitment of 140 new clients for UBeTheBoss.net.au small business advertising.
Management of FranchiseExpo.com.au (formerly UBeTheBoss.com.au) website through HTML code.
Design of weekly online newsletters and direct marketing.
Tracking leads to book in new Franchise clients, and advise on placement of material and cost of advertising on FranchiseExpo.com.au.
Editorial content for Franchise Magazine and FranchiseExpo.com.au.
Daily office administration, use of Microsoft Office and MYOB for 250 client accounts.
Design of print advertisements for Global Burgers, focused on Franchisee recruitment.
Advertising designs for Franchising Expos in Sydney and Brisbane.
Ability to prioritize tasks, communicate internally and externally and self-motivated to succeed. Part-time jobs:
Direct marketing through targeted promotions, following a client and event brief.
Below the line marketing in Sydney CBD to promote and demonstrate various brands: Nestle "Get a little closer", dmg Radio's new channel Classic Rock 95.3 fm, Dynamo to Go, Lion-Nathan Fosters, Lynx Twist, and various work as a film extra.
Production Assistant for RJ Media; managed the post-production of Rugby League 3 on Wii TVC. Unleeshed – Marc Edward Agency – Urban – RJ Media – Mctv Extra ( Jan 2010 - Present) m. 0415667405
a. U5 221 Clovelly St, Clovelly, NSW 2031
e. laureglynn@gmail.com Selected as a Rotary Exchange Student for California (2002)
Founded Zimbabwe Women's Waterpolo (2003)
Twice offered upper-management positions (FranchiseExpo.com.au 2007 & Mountain Video 2008)
Elected for STW High Achievers program by the white agency (2011) Hugh Begbie, Principal Cromwell College Elton Williams, Director of FranchiseExpo.com.au
(previously named UBeTheBoss.com.au) Vance Feast, Owner & Producer of Mountain Video My duties involved: My duties involved: My duties involved: My duties involved: My duties involved: A few words from previous employers... anything is possible... Interactive CV Being a travel agent has taught me many useful and transferable skills. However, my true passion lies in media, arts and entertainment... so I moved to Sydney to get back in the game! view my work... http://www.franchiseexpo.com.au
Adminstration of all advertising placement
Page design by html coding for each franchise
e-newsletter designs and database managemen

Mountain Productions
Mountain Video Crew 2008 Powderhounds
Winter Reels My objective is to gain digital media experience with a leading agency, where ambition, creative initiative and a genuine enthusiasm would allow we to progress
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