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Glengarry Glen Ross - Director's Concept

No description

Scott Bezoenik

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Glengarry Glen Ross - Director's Concept

Glengarry Glen Ross - Director's Concept
Themes of the Play
Dog Eat Dog/Survival of the Fittest
The World of the Play
This play is set in a time where business was everything. There was an American Dream and it was the primary goal of any hard working salesman, especially those in
Glengarry Glen Ross.
Showing Visceral Reality
To display just how cutthroat and severe this world and contest is, there must be a sense of heat and intensity. The top must be vibrant, for it is at the bottom that failure is earned. There must be a back-wall structure that grows with extravagance along with sheer size.
Success is Key
The Weak Will Perish
Do Whatever It Takes
Glengarry Glen Ross
is at its core a competition with everything on the line. The winners get the dream, a brand new Cadillac, and the losers go home unemployed. Success, trickery, strength, and desire. By focusing on the competitive nature behind all of it, we are able to package all these sub-themes into one overarching theme of a dog eat dog world where only the fittest survive.
It is necessary to show just how visceral the pursuit of this dream could become. Not only from the working man's need to succeed, but from the head honcho's willingness to chop off the heads of the weak.
Failure is not an option.
The production will be set in the 1960's, for this decade best shows a time where the American Dream was important as ever, and marks a time where war was commonplace. (Vietnam).
Focused on this wall must be a display of the progress, showing just how important this contest's results are. (VERY.)
Real-Estate Office
Chinese Restaurant
Aarongow and Lingk
The difference between strength and weakness can be shown within the set itself, with the chinese restaurant at the bottom and the office raised higher. By presenting the play upon these different levels, it will be clear where the successful rule and the failures wallow.
be made apparent on all points what is strong, and what is weak, especially in character differences.
Glengarry Glen Ross
is a play about a competition.
The Goal :
Cadillac, Success, American Dream, Victory
It is important to keep original context in consideration. The way characters speak, and how the setting effects the action and dialogue, are primary examples.
The difference within it all is what ties everything together, which in this production is the
cutthroat world
that these salesman exist in.
This is all do or die, and again,
failure is not an option
This is how the strong survive, and the weak fall.
"I swear it's not a world of men.."
- Roma
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