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No description

Kennedy Hill

on 30 October 2017

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Transcript of Accumulation

Accumulation (1971)
A legendary solo based on the simple device of adding one gesture to another, one at a time, and repeating the growing phrase with each new movement.

Shutter Shut is a product of the legacy of Trisha Brown and her accumulation work.

The movement vocabulary used in the work by Netherlands Dance Theatre includes synchronization, and a cycle of repetition in both the phrase work and text used as a score.

Let's Discuss!
Choreographic Style
Accumulation (1971)
Trisha Brown
Choreographer, dancer and
Trisha Brown & Accumulation
Movement Score & Creation Process
Postmodern dance
language of essentials
pared down vocabulary of movement
rejected the "norm"
each work has its own independent movement score
3 main movements and a certain amount of repetition
accumulation as a choreogrpahic tool
A dance style that emerged after modern dance. Postmodern dance rejected technique and incorporated improvisation, simple pedestrian and everyday movement as being true dance. Choreographers of this art form valued the process rather than the product.
Compare the videos, what looked familiar?
Repetition or manipulation?
What is the importance of experimenting in dance?

What have we learned about Trisha Brown and postmodern dance in relation to how we view ourselves as dance-makers and choreographers?
Think-Pair- Share
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