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Mgr Recruitment Training

No description

Zia Zirconia

on 27 August 2015

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Transcript of Mgr Recruitment Training

Are you a United States citizen?
Recruitment & Retention
Service & Partnership

Job Descriptions

Establish pay ranges and essential job duties
Learning Objectives
Image by Tom Mooring
How Recruiting Adds Value
Glidewell Laboratories:
Recruitment 101

Building a Team to Run a Successful Department
Indirect Costs
Lost Worker Productivity
Not hiring the most qualified candidate can cause:
Staff Planning
To determine staffing needs:

Opening a Requisition Using
ESS Manager Center
Recruiter's Process for Screening Applications & Resumes
Positive Attributes
Red Flags
Interviewing Candidates
Tips to a successful and objective interview and selection process:
When interviewing:
When interviewing DO NOT:
Protected classes:
National origin
Marital status
Ask questions that will cause the candidate disclose personal or protected information.
Final Candidate Selection
Be able to justify your decision.
Closing the Deal
Ensuring Your New Employee's Success
Did You Know?
30% of employees leave in the first 90 days because:

What Can You Do?
Recruiting/Hiring Manager Partnership

Help us help you!
Process & Timeline
2. Recruitment: Approves requisition or asks for additional information
Thank you!
Your Recruitment Team
Through the Candidate's Eyes

Pop Quiz!
***Be sure to include the Reason for Opening***
Employee online reviews and company's reputation in the community
Clearly set expectations
Help determine which qualifications you are looking for in a candidate
Why are they important?
Adding Value ~ ROI
Staff Planning
Job Descriptions
Requisitions & Approvals
Selection Process
Closing the Deal
Tips ~ new hire onboarding success
4. Recruitment: Creates strategy
5. Recruitment: Creates targeted job postings
6. Recruitment: Candidate screening process
7. Hiring Manager: In-person interviews

8. Recruitment: Background checks
9. Recruitment: Extends a formal offer
Manager's Time
Training Time
Future Recruitment Time
Employee Relations Time
Negative Impact on Client Services
Negative Impact on Employee Morale
Recruiting Costs
Department Training Costs
Career Progression/Potential
Forecast & plan ahead
Determine the workflow
Establish training guidelines
Draft job description (new positions)
-Educate the Recruiter
-Understand the recruitment timeline
-Fill out the 'Manager Interview Checklist' within 24 hours
Together we can find the right candidates, ensure proper training, and retain our employees longer.
Consistent work history
Qualifications that match the job description
Past employers listed as references
Complete information on application
Gaps in employment history
Changing jobs frequently
Any unprofessional overtures on their resume/application
Explain our Company and the position in detail.
Ask only job-related questions.
Ask if they have any questions for you.
Make sure the position requirements are clearly understood by the candidate.
Listen and allow the candidate time to answer questions.

Ensure a great candidate experience!
Be objective and fair.
Use job-related qualifications only.
Do not base selection on personal feelings or first impressions (positive or negative).
Recruitment: Makes an offer
Recruitment: Checks references & verifies employment
Recruitment: Background checks, if applicable to the position
The new generation is looking at companies holistically (ex. Helpful Honda, Toms)
Try your best to help your new employees feel welcome and a part of the team!
-The job duties were not what they thought
-They did not feel accepted by others
-They did not receive proper training
-The pay was too low
Complete the New Hire Onboarding Checklist.
Be ready for them on their first day!
Help them get acclimated.
Take them out to lunch.
Clarify the department expectations.
Provide proper training.
Check in with them periodically.
3. Be consistent and fair with every candidate.
1. Hiring Manager: Submits requisition & reason for opening
3. Hiring Manager and Recruiting meet (Compensation dept., if needed)
Be available for questions.
First impressions with the Hiring Manager
Must be very detailed and specific
Ask if they understand the position.
Hiring Manager: Submits all pertinent info to Recruiter (shift, pay, etc.)
Congrats on your new employee!
In order to maintain employees,
Provide proper training.
Encourage team bonding.
Encourage communication and employee engagement.
Reward your employees.
Which of these questions are appropriate to ask in an interview?
What are you?
Do you have a car?
I saw you limping when you were walking in. Are you going to be able to be on your feet all day?
Are you authorized to work in the United States?
We need candidates that are available for their shift. Do you celebrate any religious holidays?
Are you a member of a professional or trade group relevant to our industry?
Did you graduate from high school? If so, what year?
Can you perform the job duties with or without reasonable accommodation?
Which days are you available to work?
Do you currently belong to any social clubs or organizations?
1. Determine the criteria for the position.
2. Develop a series of questions that will help you distinguish candidates.
4. Complete 'Manager Interview Checklist' within 24 hours and return to your Recruiter.
When preparing for an interview:
Friendly reminders:
A perfect resume does not make a perfect candidate.
Do not ask a Recruiter for a specific race, gender, age, etc.
Do not search for candidates on social media.
Please determine your needs
beginning the recruitment process.
Be welcoming in the Glidewell way.
All candidates should be given a chance for a full interview.
Be objective and fair.
Organized and professional resume
Distance of commute
Your Role in Recruiting
The Recruiting Process
National origin is a protected class.
Do you have reasonable means of transportation to and from work?
You may ask if they have a diploma if it is relevant to the position. You may not ask the year because it could reveal age.
Do you have any children?
Do not ask questions that disclose personal information.
Hiring Manager: Completes 'Onboarding Checklist' and 'IT Onboarding Form', if applicable
It is your responsibility to keep the conversation on track.
10. Hiring Manager: Completes onboarding forms
Working With Agencies
Agencies need to provide proof of workers' compensation coverage.
We need to vet vendors intensely before we start working with them.
We need to ensure that agencies are paying temps accurately (e.g. overtime).
If you bring on a temporary employee, do not discuss:
Labor conditions
Salary increases
Disciplinary actions
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