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No description

Lilian Robinson

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Study!

Study! By:Lilian Robinson Effects of Air Pollution Economic (Global) Interdependence Judicial Branch Powers Limited Lovely Unlimited Ugly Retail!!!!! How Germans felt when the Berlin Wall Collapsed???? U.S.A. Soviet Union Cold War Differences!!!! Russia Becomes a democracy.... Cultural Diffusion!!!! Communist Economy... Smog
Plant and animal life destroyed
Acid Rain
Water contamination
Health rates
Low visibility
Farming problems Advantages Disadvantages Provides jobs
Products cost less
Saves natural resources
"Brings the World Together Loss of natural resources
Easily Delayed
Causes War
Mercy for the product
Communication? The Supreme Court
Interprets laws and treaties
Enforces Laws
Can rule laws passed by Congress unconstitutional
Can rule presidential actions unconstitutional (Can kick him out of office) Laws limit power
Individual rights
Peaceful meetings
Freedom of speech
Democracy No individual rights
Leader has all rights
Laws don't apply to the leader
Blocks...Twitter, YouTube, Facebook
Poverty & Famin CVS!!!!! Kroger!!!!!! Target!!!! Best Buy!!!!! NO ONE MISSED IT!!!!!! People bought hammers to knock it down! Freedom!! Unification! Joyful! Democracy
Freedom of speech
Political freedom
Open borders
High standard of living
Market economy Communist
Complaining=Prison or Death
Government controls the arts
No rights
Closed borders
Command Economy McDonalds in Japan Jeans in Russia Sushi in Australia Christmas in America Cartooning in Britain The owns all property and makes all decisions for the "good of the people"
Individual rights don't exist What is N.A.F.T.A. -North American Free Trade Agreement, a 1994 agreement reached by the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Its' purpose is to increase free trade among the three North American Countries. Free Enterprise!!! An economic system where citizens and businesses make most of the decisions
Business owners control the factors of production
The government plays a limited role
Government doesn't decide which or how many are produced Why World War 2 Hitler broke the Treaty of Versailles by invading Poland and starting the Holocaust.
*But the U.S.A. got involved by the bombing on Pearl Harbor By Japan* Checks & Balances Each of the three branches of government is empowered to check the other two in order to keep any branch from assuming too much power. This makes us powerful and safe! Extreme weather effects! Motives for exploration Curiosity
Spread of religion
National Pride
Resources Human Environmental Interaction Deforestation- Cutting and clearing away trees, grass, or shrubs from an area Conservation-Careful use of resources in an area The Euro Advantages!!! Economically supportive
Improve transportation, communication, government, and education
Gains power
More stable government Panama Canal Was in this very spot!!!! A transportation corridor
Strengthen/Improve economy
Shorten travel time
Encourage trade
Built August 15, 1915
Economic (Global) Interdependence
20 hours to get in
8 hours to get through
Shortened trip by 8,000 miles
Can help cultural diffusion
2 dieseases were cured (yellow fever and malaria)
$$$$$$$!!!!! (To build and to get through)
Made politcal relationships
Created jobs and $$$$$$$$$! How Geography Affects Jobs If your near a river you are most likely to be a fisherman
Valley=farmer Flash floods destroy crops
tsunamis can wash away power stations
Hurricanes destroy homes and businesses
These all make taxes increase 1990s End of Cold War Collapse of Soviet Union End of arms race between the super powers President Boris Yeltisn 1st Elected Berlin Wall comes down Demographic Charts..... LITERCY RATE!!!!!! Literacy rate Country Notes U.S.A. 99% A high number is good because
it means the percent of the population that can read and write at a 5th grade level. (Over 18) Where you live will most likely effect where you live. For example: You can't be in an oil industry where there isn't any oil.
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