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Fall Conference

No description

Sol Braxton

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Fall Conference

Sol O. Braxton
Parent-Teacher Conference 2013-2014
Quint 1
Quint 2
In Quint 1, I had struggled in two classes, which were English and History. In both classes I had B+'s, which were my lowest grades. But in every other class I had A's and A+'s.
In history, last quint we pretty much only worked on our NHD project. NHD(National History Day) is a nationwide competiton where you have to create a project(poster board, website, performance, etc.) on a person or topic and how they relate to that years theme. This years theme was Leadership & Legacy and our group didour project on Nathan Hale.
In Quint 4 of Science, We learned about the Water Cycle, and some of the stages that are not as well known. For example, transpiration, run-off, and infiltration. We also learned about phase change. This quint we are learning about energy and its types.

Quint 3
In Quint 3, I had almost gotten the Dean's Award but couldn't because of a 2.5 and a 2.75 in history that brought my overall grade down to a B+.
But, that B+ showed that my grade had raised from only a B from the two earlier quints
In English, we were reading "The Secret Life of Bees". We were learning about the different types of questions(Clarifying, Discussion, and ). Then we applied this to the book as we looked at the main character's, Lily's, choices. At the end, we also watched the movie and compared it to the book and then we discussed if some of the changes were from the book to the movie were good or bad.
Quint 4
Something very very small
In Quint 4 of Algebra, we were learning about linear equations. These are equations you can use to create and describe different lines. They have different forms that you can use depending on the different information you get about the line.
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