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Persuasive Essay

No description

Taryn Kisko

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Persuasive Essay

Persuasive Essay

Hook (1 sentence)

Explanation of the topic ( 3 sentences)

Thesis statement ( 1 sentence)
Conclusion Paragraph
What you need:
The first sentence of your essay
Grabs the reader's attention
Ex. question, story (anecdote), statistic, etc.
Should immediately begin persuading
If using a question- DO NOT restate the prompt
Hook Statement
Sentences 2-4
Background information about the topic
Explanation of the Topic
First sentence
What your paragraph is about
Make your point right away-restate reason
Topic Sentence and Transitions
Transitional word/phrase
Restate the thesis
Summarize your reasons
Final sentence
A call to action-tell reader to do something to support your view
Clincher:leave a thought for the reader. Refer back to your hook or end with an intriguing question/idea
Topic: Required school uniforms
Good Example
Bad Example
Why would you want to wear school uniforms?
Is it right that American citizens, who have committed no crimes, are forced to wear the same outfit day after day?
Thesis Statement
What your whole paper is about
5th and final sentence
Your position and reasons in one sentence-clearly stated
Uniforms should not be required because they limit students' freedoms, they cost too much money, and it is inconsiderate to force certain people to wear certain things.
Schools have seen a rise in gang violence, stealing, and discipline problems. Some educators believe that wearing uniforms will help students concentrate more on their school work. Recently, the school board has mandated that the students wear uniforms.
Body Paragraphs
What you need:
Topic sentence
Transition words
One reason for each paragraph-in order
Explain how it connects to your topic sentence
Supporting Details/Evidence
body paragraph 1: they limit students' freedoms
body paragraph 2: they cost too much
body paragraph 3: it is inconsiderate to force certain people to wear certain things.
Supporting details/evidence
Provide counter-arguments
Connecting the Dots
For example...
This shows that...
In other words...
Another way to say this is...
This connects to my argument because...
This is important because...
What I mean by this is...
The reason for this is that....
Transitional words and phrases helps papers read more smoothly, and at the same time allows the reader to flow more smoothly from one point to the next
Use transitional words/phrases at the beginning of each paragraph
Introduction Paragraph
What you need:
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