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Recommendation Report

No description

Fuente Teresa

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Recommendation Report

Recommendation Report CBS Consulting for the Koelner Weinkeller Teresa Fuente Marin
Andreas Padberg
Ekaterina Mestres
Christiane Mussmacher Our task! reduction of the quantity of Australian wine imports by 20% 500 liters of red wine Problem Statement Suppliers from:
- China
- Brazil
- Egypt
- Russia Criteria under consideration:
- price and import costs
- production conditions and capabilities
- producer ethics and reputation

The Yantai Weilong Grape Wine Co (China)
- favourable conditions for wine production
- enjoys a soft marine climate
- average temperature of the year of 12 °C
- fine soil conditions
- Chinese Bordeaux
- production capacity is 60,000 tons of wine per year Miolo (Brazil)
- general good conditions for the wine production
- moderate climate
- wide variation in temperature between day and night benefits the cultivation of grapes.
- good fertility of the soil
- the production capacity is 6.500.000 litres of wine per year.
Château le Grand Vostock (Russia)
- general soft climate in the region
- 200 days during the year with temperature over +10°C
- The winery is on the hillsides 100-400 m above the sea level
- 6 types black grapes including Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Franc, Krasnostop, Saperavi, and Golubok.
- there are young vineyards of 86 ha and mature vineyards of 200 ha Gianaclis (Egypt),
- arid climate: Mediterranean characteristics = rainy winters and hot and dry summers
- January and February are the coolest months with daily maximum temperatures typically ranging from 12°C to 18 °C
- Soil free from salts
- 30 different wine grape varieties that are planted in the 150-acre yard. Production conditions and capabilities Price

Producer Ethics and Reputation Investments
- development
- technique
- strengthening of interior management

ISO9002 quality control system

Second biggest Chinese producer

Green Food Certificate from the National Green Food Development Centre
Superior quality

International style taste
Yantai Weilong Grape Wine Co. Partnership with Groupe Ginestet (France, Bordeaux)
High quality product
Excellent national and international recognition
Good quality wine
High resemblance to Cabernet Sauvignon
Gianaclis One of the most fascinating businesses in Vale dos Vinhedos
Latest and best international trends
Increased more than tenfold in the last years
Heavy investments in technology
- Equipment
- Processes
Modern facilities
Latest technology
Miolo French partner
Provides premium wines
Russia’s first modern state-of-the-art winery
Guaranteed top quality
International recognition
Several international diplomas authenticate the high quality of the wines
Chateau le grand Vostock Recommendation After analyzing all four alternatives, we have chosen the Brazilian wine supplier as the best option.

•There are favorable climatic and soil conditions and a wide range of grape variety in Brazil that allow producing wine all year around.

•Moderate price and acceptable INCOTERM conditions Cost, Insurance and Freight allow purchase consignment on favorable conditions.

•A significant development of new technologies and inflow of investments allow increasing the production and maintaining wine quality.

•The producer has a good reputation and an international recognition.

•The producer has huge capabilities in order to expand its markets segment and obtain new customers global wide.
Producer Ethics and Reputation Producer Ethics and Reputation Producer Ethics and Reputation INCOTERMS INCOTERMS Production conditions and capabilities Production conditions and capabilities Production conditions and capabilities CHINA The Miolo Winery BRAZIL Gianaclis Winery EGYPT RussiA QUESTIONS?? Thank you for your Attention Chateau Le Grand Vostok Yantai Weilong Grape Wine Co.
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