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Robert Hazlehurst

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Robotics

Robotics Where Robotics fits in the Castle View Curriculum Intro to Engineering Engineering I - Basic Robotics Engineering II - Advanced Robotics Engineering III - Intermediate CAD / Individual Project Engineering IV - Advanced CAD / Team Project What students learn from robots Mechanical Systems Electrical Systems Programming Math What's a Robot? Logic Flow
For Loops
While Loops
If...Else...Statements Electronic Control Systems
Digital vs. Analog Sensors
Ultrasonic Range Finders
Infrared Detectors Drive Trains
Gear Ratios
Speed vs. Torque
Levers and Pulleys
Sprocket and Chain Drives Calibration
Linear Equations
Line Fitting Ways to teach with Robots Design
Challenges Competitions Students go head to head Challenge Given (Requirements) Students develop alternatives (Design) Students pick best alternative (Trade-Offs) Students build robot (Build) Students test and refine (Test) Robot kits from Vex Robotics Think "Erector Set on Steroids" Includes motors, on-board computer,
radio control and much more What makes robots so cool? Robots are fun! Students connect concepts Students apply math and science Students get immediate feedback Students are hands-on with the robots Students learn to work in teams Students are active Why engineering in High School? Help students make informed decisions
about their future education and careers Students use the engineering Process
(Shhh...don't tell 'em...they're having too much fun!) Soccer Freeze Tag Line Following Wall Hugging Shuttle Docking Annual Vex Competitions Drag Racing Obstacle Course
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