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Personal Project

A presentation for my school Personal Project assignment which I did on Mountain Biking. Speech Not Included.

Liam Kirsten

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Personal Project

Mountain Biking How Does Your Bike Affect Your Mountain Biking Performance? A Brief History The Wooden Draisine - Invented in 1820 by Karl Von Drais in Germany.
- Its nickname was the hobby horse after the child’s toy.
- It was the first piece of transport to use the two wheel principle basically the first bike ever.
- It was used to cover distances in a shorter time frame.
- It became very popular but that faded due to the number of accidents. The Pedal Bike - It was invented in France, 1860.
- Its nickname was the ''bone-shaker''.
- It was very bumpy when ridden because of the frame thus giving its nickname ''the bone- shaker''.
- The bike was originally designed for ladies but became popular with men soon after.
- First ''bike'' to use pedals. - It was invented in 1910.
- It was far more popular than its predecessors.
- In the United States it was thought to be a child’s toy.
- However in Europe it was thought to be used in man’s sport.
- The creation of most the bicycle types in France eventually gave way to it becoming its national sport. How Did It Get Its Name? The Bicycle The Mountain Bike - Uses balloon tires which give superb traction.
- Its adapted to suit most environments.
- Can easily go up down and over hills.
- Invented by Gary Fisher in the 1970's
- Extermelly lightweight and strong.
- Multipule breaking systems.
- Powerful suspension.
- Reliable breaks. What is the Difference Between
a Mountain Bike and a
Normal Bike? Disc Breaks Capillary Breaks B
S Front Wheel
Suspension S
N What Is Mountain Biking? Mountain biking is a sport which consists of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, using a specially adapted bike. "Bi" means two, and "cycle" means a full circle of revolution so
the contraption with 2 wheels going around was called the
bicycle. Then it was specialised for
mountains and most other terrains. Bicycle Rear Suspension Saddle Suspension F
S Carbon Fibre
Frame Aliminium Alloy
Frame Titanium Alloy
Frame How Does Your Mountain Bike
Affect Your Performance? Gears & Brakes There Are 5 Main Things How Does The Rider and his Skill Affect
Their Performance Muscular Strength Tyres & Shocks Absorbs and distributes impacts by having a greater surface area. The tyres are 29 inches and have a ''knobbly'' surface so they may roll easily over obstacles. These combined details maximize
the grip on the tyre. Mountain Bikes have 29 gears and
3 sprockets in the front and 9 at the back.
The gears are much smaller compared to a Road Bike. Capillary Brakes are the standard brakes for the everyday bike they normally need to be pressed quite hard in order to get a fairly immediate effect. An interesting thing about them is that there don't operate well under wet or harsh conditions. Disc Brakes are Capillary Brakes to the extreme they have a longer life span, are stronger and far more reactive. Also Disc Breaks work in all weathers. Frames Its all about strength with frames and having the 3 types of strengths. Torsional Durability Impact Shocks or otherwise known as suspension are design to absorb impacts from drops or jumps. By absorbing the impact, it makes the rider more stable. There are only 3 things that affect
the riders skill How long it takes them before
they tire and need to stop
and rest. Natural Skill The skill built up by a person who Mountain Bikes after a certain amount of time. Their Fatigue/Stamina Physical Build The way your body has devoloped overtime.
Eg: Tall, Flexible, Stronge, Short, Fast. The Idal
body structure for a mountain biker is Stronge, Flexible, Fit and lots of Stamina. Mental Strength My Personal Experience Commitment How committed are you to concuring this
obstacle, and improving your fitness and skill. Concentration Concentration is key to Mountain Biking. If you have a low attention span or aren’t able to concentrate on things for long periods of time you could find yourself in a tough situation. Self-Regulation Is the ability to not wastefully consume the small rations you've brought with you. e.g: water, energy drinks, sports bars, etc.
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