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The Archival Platform

HST 830 Digital History Project

Liz Timbs

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of The Archival Platform

Are issues of preservation and access dealt with? If so, how? Issues of preservation and access are not addressed directly on the website
Jo-Anne Duggan has explained that both the ACPRI and NMCM are both dedicated to ensuring the Archival Platform's continuation

On a scale of 1 to 10, this site is an 8.5 How would you improve or enhance the site? Tag Opinion Pieces
Site could use reorganization
Restructure the Opinion Section to function more like
the Resources Section
More uniform theme/image The Archival Platform Structure of the Site Potential Applications of this Resource Good for scholars interested in issues regarding memory
Could be used to gather resources to begin research
Provides idea of state of archives Teaching Would be difficult to utilize for an undergraduate course
Great resource for advanced undergraduates/graduate students/young professionals Learning Knowledge of current events in South Africa required
Provide interesting commentary that enhances knowledge/understanding through the lens of public memory and archives Research and Scholarship Popular Knowledge about South African History Intended for educated/informed audiences
Twitter/Facebook Pages
https://twitter.com/the_archive Opinions News Events Resources Archival Platform
Ancestral Stories
Have Your Say Pertinent News Stories
Job Announcements
Calls for Contributions Conference Announcements and CFPs
Festivals Announcements for Various Media Related to Public Memory and Archives
Blogroll The Archival Platform was founded in 2007 with the intent of "deepening democracy through the use of memory and archives as dynamic public resources." Through online blogs written by scholars in various fields, this website aims to keeps its readers informed of developments in the fields of memory and archives in South Africa. This initiative is owned by the Archive and Public Culture Research Initiative (http://www.apc.uct.ac.za/) and the Nelson Mandela Centre for Memory (http://www.nelsonmandela.org), with funding provided by The Atlantic Philanthropies (http://www.atlanticphilanthropies.org)
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