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SP4360 Week 1

Lecture 1

Simon Padley

on 25 September 2017

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Transcript of SP4360 Week 1

SP4360 Professional Practice in Sports Coaching I
What is it all about?
Why am I here?
Who am I?
What do I think?
Can I have an opinion?
Whats their mobile number?
This mornings session shouldn't be too painful
Bergmann Drewe (2000: 83) 'Questioning or critical thinking is fundamental to the development of autonomy...also fundamental is the encouragement of responsibility.'
Task: on a post it define the terms around the room.
Any Questions???
Emily Ryall, Louise Mathews-Freeman,
Jordan Wintle
This Weeks Practical:
In Groups of 3/4 coach or teach a session of your choice...using your chosen activity SHOW us what you think coaching or teaching is - consider how you 'coach' 'teach'? what distinguishes the two? what your aims are and how you deliver those aims...
So what is Sport Pedagogy?
In determining the meaning of a concept we must first ask what are the root words?
Sport and Pedagogy...

What is sport?
Bernard Suits (1978) "To play a game is to attempt to achieve a specific state of affairs [prelusory goal], using only means permitted by rules [lusory means], where the rules prohibit use of more efficient in favour of less efficient means [constitutive rules], and where the rules are accepted just because they make possible such activity [lusory attitude]."

What is Pedagogy?
Originates from the Greek Pedagogues (well-educated servant responsible for childs social and moral development)
'The method and practice of teaching, especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept.' (Oxford Dictionary).

Sport Pedagogy (cont)
Armour (2011), 3 facets of pedagogical encounters...

Knowledge in context
- what is valued to be taught, coached or learnt? (curriculum...coaching?)
Learners and Learning
- diverse audience affected by the same practice in different ways...age, ability, size, gender etc
etc - values, philosophy, reflexivity, prior experiences, qualifications, job spec?
Sport Pedagogy
is a multidimensional, multilayered term that represents the complex learning process in physical education, coaching and youth sport (Armour, 2011)
So what?
We want to deconstruct and enable you to reconstruct your knowledge around what is amazingly familiar yet in some ways totally alien to you...
Ask questions, be prepared to be challenged, ask questions of others - see things differently
Bergmann Drewe (2000: 83) 'Questioning or critical thinking is fundamental to the development of autonomy...also fundamental is the encouragement of responsibility
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