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Update on FMATS Art Selection Advisory Committee in Fairbanks, Alaska

An update on the 2012 progress of the FMATS Art Selection Advisory Committee, working to install public art in the new greenspace.

Amy Nordrum

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Update on FMATS Art Selection Advisory Committee in Fairbanks, Alaska

Hosted "Meet Your Greenspace" event. (4/28 : 60 in attendance)

Advertising in Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
Signs posted around greenspace and downtown.
Announcements to Tanana-Yukon Historical Society, Pioneer Museum, Tanana Valley Railroad, Friends of the UA Museum, Pioneer Aviation Museum, Alaska Design Forum

Offered "Public Art as Landmarking" a free lecture by Julie Decker. (4/28) January 17th, 2012
FMATS Art Selection Advisory Committee
is formed by FMATS Policy Committee Final Steps Received 98 proposals from professional artists across the country and globe through CAFE.

Committee members reviewed and scored each proposal.

1st: Yes, No, Maybe
(narrowed to 55 finalists)

2nd: Discussion and Dot Exercise
(narrowed to 22 finalists)

3rd: Discussion, Dots, and Relevancy of Theme
(narrowed to 11 finalists)

4th: Private scoring through CAFE

5th: Ranking to eliminate anomalies.
(narrowed to 5 finalists) Review of Proposals and Selection of Finalists Due to the historical significance of this site to the community of Fairbanks and Interior Alaska, a special effort was made by the committee to seek out an opportunity to commemorate this significance, should the artwork and theme not be sufficient.

A series of historical plaques will be installed around the concrete plaza at the apex to showcase the historic relevance of nearby landmarks. Historical Site Significance
Finalists will be interviewed on November 16th by the committee.

A public hearing on safety and maintenance for the selected proposal is scheduled for November 19th.

Final approval of the design selected by the committee is projected for November 21st. GREENSPACE FMATS Art Selection Advisory Council presents.... Vetting the Theme for Public Art The committee was responsible for turning public comments into a succinct and clear thematic statement that would provide artists with the community's vision for the greenspace art. Spring 2012
FMATS Art Selection Advisory Committee Public Participation Plan

Increased scope and budget of project (2/15)

Initiated public outreach for comments on six questions meant to gather meaningful feedback and inspire a design theme.

Launched project website and Facebook page

Radio interviews on KXLR, KWOLF, KFBX, KJNP, KUAC, KSUA

Community Perspective in
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

Public presentations at KIN, Sunrise Rotary, Transportation Committee at Chamber of Commerce on FMATS Policy Committee:
Mayor of North Pole, Mayor of Fairbanks, Mayor of Fairbanks North Star Borough, Air Quality Director of DEC, Representative(s) of Department of Transportation, Member of Fairbanks City Council, Member of Fairbanks Borough Assembly on FMATS Art Selection Advisory Committee:
Chena Riverfront Commission, Pioneers of Alaska, Artists, Fairbanks Arts Association, Downtown Association of Fairbanks, Doyon, Ltd. , Tanana Valley Historical Society, Festival Fairbanks 5/30 deadline for comments.
Final Result: 130 responses Each committee member read all public comments. A series of meetings were held in which discussion, drafts, dialogue, and the use of word clouds played a role in shaping the art theme. Word clouds proved a fast and clear tool to find the most commonly used words and phrases for each question asked of the public.

The Fairbanks Metropolitan Area Transportation System (FMATS) Art Selection Advisory Committee has been tasked with choosing a theme for the public art at the downtown greenspace that encompasses the wholte of the diverse Fairbanks community. Fairbanks is somehow fixed in this challenging geographical location by the balance between the long, dark, and cold winters and the warm, bright, and lush summers. This dramatic combination of seasonal extremes is vital to Fairbanks' success as a community.

The committee is requesting public art concepts that reflect the cyclical and extreme subarctic climate. These concepts would portray the dramatic seasonal temperatures and arctic light changes as well as related spectacular phenomenon. Concepts should reflect an awareness of being just 200 miles south of the Arctic Circle and isolated within the heart of a wild Alaska both in form and function. The committee encourages public art concepts that acknowledge these changing physical properties through interactive components of the public art. Please note: Any interaction form(s) must be functional in a subarctic climate.

The committee desires public art that is so site specific and appropriate that it could only be envisioned in Fairbanks, Alaska. Final Thematic Statement: Spring 2012
FMATS Art Selection Advisory Committee Request for Proposals Each finalist is paid $2,000 to complete a full proposal with all engineering, space, functionality, and aesthetic details plus a clear and full rendering of their artistic concept.

Proposals are due October 31st. Consulted with various arts and professional art procurers for industry best practices.
Published on CallForEntry.org (CAFE), a national database of opportunities for professional artists.

Included requirements for examples of past work, references, one-page rendering of artistic concept, and an artist's statement. Request for Qualifications & Concept (RFQ/C) Request for Qualifications & Concepts
Published: July 25
Due: August 27 Thank You!
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