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Keagan Smith

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Keagan Smith

At the start of the book we meet the main character is a girl named Frankie and we see that she is living in a new house with a bunch workers in that house. But one day comes around and the stock market crashes for the third time in the nineteen 1930's. So Frankie's dad becomes brook and her dad decides to commit suicide.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Stewpot and Frankie go for a swim in a river and they are now in a jungle in Pittsburgh. Stewpot has to be the biggest retard if does not know the Frankie is a Girl. Stewpot and Frankie find more hobo's in the jungle and Stew pot knows all of them.And one other thing that was hard was going to the bathroom only because Frankie does not want to revel that she is a girl.
Chapter 8-10
In chapter 3 the only really important thing that happens in chapter 3 is that Frankie says goodbye to all of her follow workers and is getting into a taxi so that Frankie can be on her way to the train station and out to Chicago to live with her aunt Buchwell.
Chapter 3
By: Keagan Smith
Nowhere to Call Home
In the start of chapters 4-5 we learn that Frankie is really trying to believe that her father never shot him self and feels that nothing around the house is any different. And she has started to say her goodbyes to all of worker for these are the last few hours that Frankie and the workers have together.
Chapter 4 and 5
Chapter 6 and 7
Frances is now suppose to be on the train on her way to Chicago. But you know what she decides it is best for her to take the next train to Chicago. Frances also decides it is best for her to jump a freight train and to go on an adventure.She head's to the freight station to jump a freight but she is stop by the station officer.She jumps her first freight. And while she is on the freight she meets a guy in the freight
Frankie and Stewpot decide to leave the gang behind and travel to other places.Stewpot and Frankie have a talk that decides the way that they will be going. Frankie and Stewpot decide to jump a freight.Frankie's bag gets stolen.
Chapter 11-13
At the start of chapter 17 Stewpot and Frankie are still in a freight train on there way Montana they are about to stop in St. Louis. When they make it to St. Louis Frankie and Stewpot meet some new hobos. Four were guys and one was a girl and Stewpot was furious with those guys because he cold easily tell that the guys were extremely abusive to her, but they still had a little talk and then they both took off on a freight train too there next dessication.
Chapters 17-19
Chapters 14-16
In start of this section, Frankie is dieing to tell Stewpot that she is a girl, but she feels that he'll get furious with her. In the boxcar they find some oranges. And was reading her favorite book "Huckleberry Fin"
In chapter 2 we learn that Frankie will be leaving Pittsburgh, PA and that all of her workers will be fired and will need to be out of the house by Friday. Frankie will be moving to Chicago to live with her fathers sister or in other words her Aunt Bushwell. All of the workers and Frankie are becoming more and more sad about the loss of Frankie's father. And Tuesday comes around and the whole gang has a talk about there next move. Many of them say that they are going to try and find a job, But one of them say that only thing that he is going to do is become a hobo and jump freight trains. Frankie feels that she should do this instead of moving to Chicago.
In chapters 20-24 we learn that Stewpot is starting to get very sick and that him and Frankie have been caught by some cops. But the escape in chapter 22 and jump a freight. But chapter 23 we learn that Stewpot knew that she was girl. And lastly we find out the worst of news that Stewpot is starting to die and is now dead.
Chapter 20-24
In chapter 25 Frankie decides to throw a little single funeral for Stewpot. And she decides after she has covered Stewpot in dirt she decides to go to Chicago to live with her aunt bushwell.
Chapters 25 and 26
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