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Paul Lee

on 16 September 2015

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Transcript of UK

UK's Government
Sally Kim & Paul Lee
Q1.What type of gov?
Q2. How are leaders selected? What title are they given?
Q4. Is there are peaceful way to change the government?
Significance of Law and its change
Rule of Law
The current Prime Minister is David Cameron

Nick Clegg MP is the Deputy (vice) Prime Minister
Glorious Revolution of 1688
A start of UK's constitutional monarchy

Bloodless overthrow of King James II (absolute), putting William and Mary of Orange on the throne.

Bill of Rights, 1689
led to a monarchy restricted by laws (constitutional monarchy)
severely crippled the monarch's power
Constitutional Monarchy+Representative democracy
UK's government is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system where the prime minister who is the head of the government have effective political power.
1. Prime Minister
2. Deputy Prime Minister
3. The Cabinet
4. Minister
Prime Minister
Holds the most power of UK's government
Responsible for policy making and ultimate decisions

1. supervises and oversees Civil Service and government agencies
2. appoints government members
3. significant figure among the House of Commons

Deputy Prime Minister
essentially like a vice president
Q3. Is consent of the governed an important principle in this country? How do u know?
takes the place of the prime minister when he is absent
The Cabinet
composed of Secretaries of State from all departments

meet every Tuesday during Parliament to discuss about the government's future
The Ministers
chosen from the members of the House of Commons and House of Lords by the Prime Minister
responsible for the actions, successes and failures of their departments
Q6. Who is the current leader of that country?
Queen Elizabeth II is in the throne
Q7. Give examples of political issues from this country’s history (can also be current events)
Magna Carta, signed in 1215
Thank u for watching
White Papers
Green Papers
outlines proposals for new laws
ask for public comments before white paper is published
agree with the new proposal
approve the new law
People's wish -> proposals -> bills -> parliament
(Queen just says yes to everything...)
John Locke (1632~1704)
Proposes in
Two Treaties of Government
that all powers come from the consent of the governed
Representative democracy + constitutional monarchy
The monarch exists out of tradition (powerless)
Essentially, the people represent the nation
People vs. Monarch
God Save the Queen :D
The monarch contributes in high tourism rate in UK
Essentially everybody loves the queen

Q5. Do government leaders follow the rule of law? Explain.

"Whenever law ends, tyranny begins,"

-John Locke
Leaders must follow this code of law:
1. No one is above the law
2. Everyone is equal before the law
3. The law is always applied

People have right to change government
members if the rule of law isn't applied

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